Why Upcycling Makes Sense For Parents

The upcycling trend has been causing a bit of a stir recently, with Instagram and Facebook making the whole movement very on trend.

It is very popular amongst environmentalists and people who are generally concerned about how much waste they produce and what they can do about it.

It is interesting, as there was a time when upcycling was neither cool nor hip, but it was still widely practiced.

Only 30-40 years ago, people would upcycle everything, without even realising they were doing it.

Clothes, kitchen ware, packaging, furniture, would all be either repurposed or kept and used in some way that meant that it didn’t have to been thrown out to end up in landfill.

Over the past 20 years however, something changed in western society, and we have very much become the throw away culture that we are known for.

Now that upcycling is popular amongst mainstream channels, we think it is a perfect opportunity to pass this message onto our kinds and hopefully change the value and attitudes of future generations.

As a parent, you know that constructive play is one of the most valuable ways that you can spend time with your children.

We know that any form of creative activity for children of any age is great for their development and for their sense of achievement.

Which is why we want to encourage parents everywhere to start teaching their kids fun ways of upcycling old waste goods into something actually of value.

By doing this, you are being a terrific role model to your children, and you are showing them that not every piece of old packaging should be thrown out.

It also challenges the everyday norms that are set in place and forces your kids to think about rubbish and how they interact with the world around them.