Technology And The Next Generations

Technology has helped to shape the way we know society in many different ways. In this article we will look out at how technology is changing our communities and how it might affect the next generations.

Technology Trends

When examining the way technology has affected our society it is important to look at the issue of technology trends. Technology trends can significantly influence peoples behaviour. One of the biggest technology trends which has remained a persistent fixture over recent years has been smartphones.

Smartphones are owned by the majority of the population and increasingly younger generations are amongst the most prevalent owners of these devices.  It is now becoming increasingly common that children as young as 9 or ten have access to smartphones. This can lead to issues such as lack of parental supervision as well as being given access to items that are material and not really necessary for a child of that age.

In addition to this children owning smartphones could lead to bullying as well as competition between kids about who has the latest phone with the best spec etc. One of the main reasons for this trend has been the scale and size of the smartphone market as well as large volumes of apps being created that are specifically tailored towards kids and the younger generations. This encouraged people to  purchase smartphones and other technology for their children.

Should We Be Wary Of Technology?

We should be wary of technology for a variety of different reasons. One of the main reasons why we should wary of technology is the way it can change our society. Increasingly more and more people are on their phones. This means that they have less situational awareness and are therefore a lot more susceptible to injury or risk overall. Criminals often use this to their advantage and overpower people who aren’t paying full attention to their surroundings.

Clearly we should be wary of technology as the smartphone is a classic example of how a technology designed to make life easier has also left a number of new challenges in its wake.  A newer type of technology which is being developed currently is artificial intelligence. This is essentially computer intelligence which can be used to solve complex problems as well as assisting humans with issues. In some cases AI is already being incorporated into existing systems.

How Should We Prepare The Next Generation For Technology?

At central parents we believe that bringing kids up with a more limited access to technology is very important. This is because access to technology can restrict childhood and lead to children becoming more reclusive. It is very important that children are able to appreciate the outdoors and socialise with their peer group rather than playing on an Ipad or computer all day.

Therefore overall to conclude it is clear that technology can have a large and significant overall influence on people. Therefore it is important to bear in mind that technology can be a positive and negative so should be treated with caution. It is also important to ensure that the younger generations aren’t too reliant on technology to the extent that they may lose out on basic life skills.