Regardless if it’s football, baseball, soccer or hockey, having a child that participates in sports can become expensive. Besides registration fees and insurance costs, the majority of outgoing expenses for playing sports comes from the amount of equipment needed. Depending on the sport of their choice, having a child athlete requires you to buy numerous… (0 comment)

Your picture-perfect view of new parenthood probably involves mom and dad staring lovingly over a crib as the baby sleeps. However, you, especially as a dad, may want to evaluate sleeping options and here’s why: 1. The baby-in-crib alone is a relatively recent and distinctly American practice. If you think about it, before multi-room dwellings… (0 comment)

Bullying is a form of violence that hurts others and it can happen at school or during school-sponsored activities, according to the National School Safety Center. A bully's power can come from their physical strength, age, financial status, popularity, social status, technological skills or by association. Both boys and girls can be bullies. What can… (0 comment)

Orthodontists recently suggested the use of teeth braces for adolescents and younger. It has been recommended by the American Association of Orthodontics or AAO that all children aged 7 years old should have an orthodontic screening and orthodontic treatments. At this age, children begin to develop their permanent teeth and bones are beginning to develop… (0 comment)