The ten principles of conduct with your parents should read

The parents often tend to look at the child’s attitude, behavior to reviews. My parents rarely mirror self, think and see about how to behave with their children. This leads to the children often feel pressure skylight …

1. Respect

In all relationships, respect for each other are always placed on top. When the parents respect their children, parents will also be respected.

Family, loving each other’s interest in sharing the joy of sadness among members. The relationship will only be sustainable if the respect coming from two sides. However, parents often have the habit and fine thought as “exist”, that is, the children are required to listen to the parents that rarely give your the opportunity to express themselves.

Teach me, my parents taught me, the ten principles of conduct with the
The children seemed to be venting place every frustrating too jealous of his parents. Inadvertently, the parents make traumatized children. The parent’s part would influence to the development of the human personality and beyond is the impact the marriage later on. So the parents respect their children to maintain a life of equality and harmony together.

2. Keep the promise

How many times have your parents not keeping the promise to children? How many times have the child suffered the disadvantage? And how much would the child in this society formed a habit of “promise”?

We, the people who do the father mother often said that kids are small, don’t know what is promises, have promised they will forget. But we forget that, the child is also a human being, has the brains, thinking and fully aware.

When parents promise, i.e. the parent himself lost the chance to become the most trusted person in the eyes of the children.

When parents promise, i.e. the relationships that exist which lack mutual trust. Parents also need to make sure is that the promises can completely done. Remember, the promise is not the “seduction”.

3. Listen

Between parents and children, more or less happens these contradictions. Parents often complain that it’s hard to understand the kids and unruly. In fact, it is because the parents have not yet created the opportunity for me to comprehend. Parents as a reason that sometimes ignored the emotions of children. Children as well as adults, know fun know sad, said trader know remember and know to get to know. So if one day, the child suddenly become strange, then his parents come to the party.

Give me the right to share, right to be heard. Listen to your child to understand the psychology of children, to experience the same emotions. When the soul has the same harmony that is when the flower buds bud.

4. Do the mirror

Before teaching, make self taught himself. The parents are apparently mirror for your children.Children always have a habit of looking at the behavior of the adults around them to imitate. If want you to yourself, to parents to grandparents. If want you politely in public, the parents have to be polite with everyone around. Clearly, whether it is a conscious or unconscious ways, the children will learn by what parents do more than what the parents say.

5. Compromise

Compromise does not mean appeasement. Compromise is the lets you do what you want in the framework allows, within limits set out and absolutely must be based on the principle of respect for each other. No one has the right to violate the privacy of anyone. On a small area, young is a standalone, thought to have private stance and we also want to be able to express the freedom of it.

So let the child relax selection under control. Parents should not create pressure and getting the child to follow by which decisions fully aware right.

6. Awards

In the US, who also want to be getting many compliments. It is not only the motivation, the encouragement but also a noted achievements. The children often do well in what we received.However not all the compliments are doing with young positives.

So, when rewarded for young, not simply as a gift, a set of clothes that parents need to help children to recognize why they are praise and the results they get. Praise will help your child build self-esteem and confidence but praise should also be more prepared to avoid giving the child the feeling arrogant.

7. Sanctions

Humans, who then also getting errors. Young children, whose brains have not fully developed, when that awareness has not yet reached the optimum level, then obviously, the offending children is always unavoidable. Parents need to unify these forms of punishment of children and must punish in action rather than words and such.

Parents need to demonstrate the integrity, and the weight of each word to the children realize that parents really tough. However, with the first offense, parents please put out the word of teaching, counseling and, if deterrence continued re-offending. For my opportunity was wrong and help the formation of good habits. Punishment is not accompanied with insults, punishment is one of the positive education methods to ensure the rules “have had the penalty Award”.

8. Sorry

Because all we are all human. People will certainly make mistakes. The parents are just like normal people. Sorry to see parents not “Superman is always right”.

Sorry, I was the excuse ourselves, is the development of the human personality. Parents often feel family, keep the rice when it must say “sorry”. There are many people afraid of losing the prestige of the degrees of phu huynh. But parents need to remember that, sorry I was taught you realize something’s wrong and know this page wrong. Is fairness in the relationship of parents and their children. Furthermore, sorry, in time, also allows color help emotional responsibilities between man to man.

9. Thanks

Thanks to be viewed as a beautiful culture in all countries. My parents always taught me to know say thanks as a minimal courtesy in communicating.

Thanks is expressed grateful, appreciated before speech or action help of someone. When the children thank their parents, the parents will be very happy and vice versa if the children get the feeling from her parents is motivated to help them perform many good things.

Thank you also teach me know thanks.

10. the cleverly

In the process of education, between parents and children usually don’t find in General. The debate, the war happens, push the 2 generations of 2 side. And end in failure. Children always want happy feelings. That’s the fun, satisfaction in the way in which parents treat them. Want to let parents, so cleverly created an atmosphere of harmony, love, where only the gestures and beautiful language, rather than a tense, rife with screams. That is not the effeminate that that is a restraint of science to achieve positive purposes in this relationship.

Education of children is never easy. In the era of social development as of this date, the children affected by the impact from the environment outside a lot. The impact of positive or negative though which also form the young personality.

The children like the white sheet of paper. Father and mother’s first mentor. Write up that nice things by the words and his actions. The parents treat the fair as the friend rather than with the “supremacy” of adults.

Let the child feel the family is the most important thing-which is where the invisible cord has and will connect the love.