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Families Can Rent Out Spare Rooms On Air B&B

Air B&B is now one of the biggest short term let agencies in the world.

They have arrived quickly onto the scene, and they allow anyone with a spare room or conversion to let out their accommodation with minimal costs.

Air B&B  is a lucrative industry, with over 150 million users, and millions of dollars going into the hands of homeowners up and down the country every year.

Every second, 6 people check into an Air B&B, and the uptake of users appears to grow year on year.

The company itself takes a small commission on every booking it processes.

In 2020, Air B&Bs total profit was 8.5 billion dollars, which is a very impressive amount for a company that owns no properties.

But are they really that good, or can they be problematic?

I mean sure, there can be issues with stag dos and hen parties descending on peaceful neighbourhoods and causing chaos, and sometimes residents feel that their communities are suffering because of the Air B&B surge.

But maybe we only really hear about the bad cases, and what about all the success stories out there?

Some families choose to have a spare room or a conversion as a designated Air B&B short term let, that they can use to generate some extra income.

These people generally state this on their listings, and will review their bookings to make sure no wild parties end up in their living room.

From this point of view, Air B&B is great for young families who want to offer part of their home out to individuals who are going to respect their home.

It can also be ideal for people who might do a lot of traveling, and want to let out their home for a few months of the year while it is empty.

This means that they can earn some money and keep the house in use all year round.