Parents-To-Be Can Enjoy One More Escape With a "Babymoon"

Are you having a baby and worried that in a few months you'll never be able to just pick up and go? Even though most soon-to-be parents are ecstatic about the near birth of their child, often time's part of them is nervous, or even scared what a baby means to their relationship. More and more couples are opting to go on what has been called a "babymoon." A babymoon is a few days or a week away from home where you and your partner can spend time with each other before becoming parents. If you think that a babymoon is a good idea, here are a few things you need to know before you plan a great getaway together.

When to Go:

  • Life during the first trimester is not anything to be envious of. Morning sickness and exhaustion can basically put a hold on a lot of things in your life. Then, during the third trimester not only is your belly bulging, but you're more prone to encounter complications; need to visit a doctor, or quite go into labor early. For these reasons, it's suggested that you take your babymoon in the second trimester when morning sickness, along with the exhaustion, has subsided and you're less prone to late pregnancy problems or complications.
  • Where to Go:

  • While your dream vacation may be in Hawaii or Europe, you need to consider a few things before jumping on the next plain going east or west across the ocean. Even though the morning sickness is gone and often times the only major sign of your pregnancy is that growing bump on your belly, you need to plan according to the facts. Your traveling time should be kept to no more than 4 to six hours. That means you need to immediately narrow your vacation search to locations within that traveling time frame.
  • Baby-moons are becoming increasingly popular along parents-to-be which means more and more hotels are trying to please this demographic. Because of this, it's generally easy to find hotels and spas within a few hours of your home. Most major cities will have at least one or two hotels that offer complete babymoon packages. These packages often include nutrition classes, massages, and little gifts for both the mother and the father-to-be.
  • Even though many people consider pregnant women to be absolutely stunning, when you are pregnant and looking in the mirror you tend to think the rest of the world is wrong. Although the rest of the world is not nuts, your opinion of your self is an important factor when you choose a vacation destination. If you're extremely insecure about your beautiful body then you may want to stay away from situations where you need to wear a bathing suit. This means without you think you'll be comfortable wearing a swimsuit, stay away from popular beach destinations.
  • The goal is to have a good time; not to worry about what everyone is thinking, what you look like, or what you wish you could be doing. Therefore you'll want to stay away from situations that remember you of things you miss doing. If you enjoy sipping cocktails by the bar you may want to stay away from destinations that capitalize on individuals who like to party; for example, Vegas or New Orleans would not be prime locations.

How to Get There:

  • If you're planning to fly to your destination you need to keep your air time to a minimum. Should something happen while you're in the air, you will have to rely on emergency equipment on board. While this is sufficient for some emergency, as a pregnant women you and your baby will be much better off visiting an emergency room miles down on the ground. Assuring that your flight is not more than about 3 or 4 hours will keep you in a safe proximate of the ground if something should go wrong.
  • Car rides are a little more forgiving for soon-to-be moms. They allow you to take frequent breaks to stretch your legs, use the bathroom, or get something to eat. It also allows you to carry things you may need with in arms length at most points during your trip. You will also have faster access to emergency facilities in case something does happen.
  • Of course there are always other traveling options like buses and trains, but those travel means tend to have crapped seating and do not stop as regularly. If you are going to travel by ground, your best bet is to drive or rent your own car.

Before Your Go:

  • The goal of a babymoon is to get away one last time with your partner before you become new parents. To make sure you get the most out of your getaway you'll want to have a full check up and get your doctors permission before you leave, especially if you're planning to fly. Be sure to keep your vacation a stress free and fun time for you and your partner by strictly following doctor's orders.
  • Before you leave for your babymoon make sure you bring all your medical information with you, including the name of your doctor and any important information concerning your health and or insurance in case you need to seek medical attention while on vacation.

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