Parenting With Values ​​- Not Your Average Traits

Have you ever wondered, "Am I a good parent?" "Am I doing the right things?" "Will my children grow into ethical adults?" Raising kids with character can be a challenge.

Research tells us that every 7 minutes a child is arrested for a violent crime. Do not let this be your child.

Having counseled parents and children over 22 years, I've seen the family pain when children act without values.

Recently, I visited the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado. I was drawn to their impressive mural about character. Here's a quote from that mural: "The most successful people achieve great successes in their lives because they live the highest standards of


Service and

Excellence. "

The Air Force Academy teaches these trains. They apply to parenting too. Let's change that quote to, "The most successful parents achieve great successes in their parenting because they live the highest standards of


Service and

Excellence "

Parents succeed with integrity when they do the right thing.

Children notice when their parents:

Speak truthfully to their spouse and family.

Avoid drug and alcohol abuse.

Do what they promise.

Children feel secure when their parents exhibit integrity.

Parents lead with service when they focus on parenting.

Children notice when their parents:

Attend their games.

Pick them up at the appointed time.

Attend parent / teacher conferences.

Help them with homework.

Protect them from harm.

Children feel confident when their parents exhibit service.

Parents achieve excellence when they care for their families.

Children notice how their parents:

Communicate with respect within the family.

Encourage successful attitudes in the family members.

Support the members physically and emotionally.

Children thrive when their parents exhibit excellence.

The Air Force Academy promotes building character in our young people. It starts where parents leave off.

What can you do everyday to parent with values?

Practice integrity.

Practice service.

Practice excellence.

These are not your average hits. Be above average. Do not let your children become statistics. When you raise your children with character, you achieve success.


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