New Parents – Get the Sleep You Need When Baby Comes Home

You rest snugly under lusciously warm covers, adrift in a blissful deep sleep. Then you hear that all too familiar sound .it's your baby crying- yet again. You peer up at the clock to see that it is one o'clock in the morning.

Although the thought of a long, restful night's sleep might seem all but a distant memory, a full six to eight hours of sleep is indeed possible during your child's infancy. Keep in mind that by three months of age many babies can sleep up to five hours a night. At six months, they can have stretches of sleep up to 9 hours, and even up to twelve hours a night on occasion.

Until those happy days arrive, here are some tips for getting the rest you need:

Sleep when your baby sleeps. When your baby takes a daytime nap, go ahead and join them. Drop chores, and all other responsibilities while you rest. Your sleep does not have to be at night. A nice daytime nap might be just what your body need to recoup.

Treat your bedroom as a sanctuary. When your baby first comes home, it is perfectly understandable to have them with you at all times. However, when your baby gets a little older (a month or so), feel free to put your baby's bassinet just outside your door. You will not hear every coo and hiccup that he or she makes, and you will sleep more soundly for it.

Turn down the volume on the baby monitor. Lying restlessly in bed disturbing over every tiny peep your baby utters is certainly not conducive to sleep. Adjust the monitor volume to hear crying, not breathing.

Share nighttime duties with your partner. Work out a schedule with your partner that allows the two of you to take turns with baby responsibilities – and get the sleep that you both willingly need.

Hire a babysitter even when you do not go out. A couple of times a week, pay a trustworthy baby sitter to come over while you're still at home, you can get relaxing work done in the garden, or just read a book. The key to rest and invigoration is to share responsibilities.

Finally, do not get nervous about falling asleep. If you do not fall sleep immediately, do not dwell on it, read a good book or listen to relaxing music instead. Sleep will come, and if it does not, welcome relaxation of mind and body will.

Try the above tips to get the rest your need when baby keeps you up at night!


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