How To Teach Your Teenager That It Is Okay To Say No

This may seem a strange thing to say but a large number of parents do not realize how vital it is to teach children that dating and sex do not go hand in glove. Believe it or not all too many teens just presume that sex is a normal part of dating and even a glance at television and magazines aimed at teenagers gives a clear idea of ​​why this is the case. Do not assume that your children know the difference between dating and sex and ensuring that you clearly communicate this message to them.

Endeavor to teach your children the ins and outs of dating and sex from an early age and ambition this message from time to time. In particular, help your teens to appreciate that dating involves getting to know other people emotionally and not only physically.

Teenagers will regularly have a 'one track mind' and you will need to suggest other things for them to do when dating rather than just focusing their minds on having sex. This may seem silly but you will be amazed at how often teens opt for sex as an option just out of boredom and can not come up with anything better to do with their time. So, as feasible as it may seem you really will need to recommend things that your teenage children can do on a date to have fun. If you can succeed in getting them to keep busy enough then there is a very good chance that they will end up having to say no less frequently.

A significant number of parents teach their children how to say no to sex and give them a lengthy string of excuses or retorts. The is alright but a quip only tends to work once and merely brushing off the idea with a quip is simply putting the question off and leaving the door open for the idea to keep coming up again and again. The solution therefore is to instruct your child to simply say no firmly and clearly and that, although they may wish to give a reason, they should not need to do so and certainly saying no due to be sufficient.

Should you find yourself in the situation in which your child has already experienced sex then you could believe that it is too late to talk to them about saying no. This is undecidedly not the case. A lot of teens believe that once they have had sex with someone they can not reasonably refuse to do so again. The mere fact that they have experienced with sex however does not mean that this can simply be 'crossed off' their development list and you must let them know that they are free to refuse sex if they feel uneasy. You also need to discuss with them the fact that engaging in sex should always be something important and special and that a great deal myth surrounds the so-called significance of their first sexual encounter.

While you are teaching your children about the importance of establishing relationships on a great deal more than just sex, it is also important to combine this with teaching your teens about safe sex. No matter how much you may wish to do so you are not always going to be able to prevent your teens from engaging in sex. However, you can give yourself some peace of mind by trying to ensure that your children remain safe, even when they do not avail themselves of your advice to stand stand their ground and make sensible choices.


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