How to Play Bakugan For Parents

Learn How To Play Bakugan Now! Its Easy! Here you will find the basic information you need so that you and your kids can enjoy Bakugan.

Before you Battle:

Two to four players can play at one time. Before you begin each player must select a deck of a minimum of three Bakugan Brawlers and three cards to use in the game. You are not limited to using three but each play must have the same number of cards and brawlers.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers:

Each players brawlers should closed up into a ball this is called Sphere Mode. When it is rolled onto the metal card if it hits the card at the right spot it will pop open into Battle Mode. When the Battle Brawler is in battle mode you will see it’s G-Power. If an opponents battle brawler lands on the card that your brawler is sitting on they go into battle and the battle brawler with the higher G-Power rating wins the battle. The G-power boost on the card that your brawler lands on will determine if you your brawler G-power will decrease or increase in that battle.

Bakugan Cards

Each card should be facing down so that no player knows the ability of the card they are using. There are four types of cards and they are Normal Cards, Character Cards, Command Cards and Ability Cards. All the cards are metal accept for the ability cards. The metal cards are the ones that are placed in the battle field and are the only cards that can make a Bakugan Battle Brawler pop open for battle.

Each metal card has a G-power boost rating on it. When a card is in battle there may be a command on the bottom of the card that effects the battle. This G-power boost is on the left side of the card. The boost will be determined by the color of your brawler that lands on the card.

Each card has a HSO on the lower right of the card. This is the Holo Sector Point which represents the number of points you win if you capture this card.

Bakugan Battle Area

If you do not have a battle arena its ok. The game begins with each player placing a card face down on the battle field on the side closest to their opponent. If there are only two players in the game then each player needs to put a second card down to form the battle field. So basically if there are two players before you can roll a Bakugan Brawler onto the field you will have four cards on the field forming a rectangle.

Shot Spot

Before you can begin battle each player must take the remaining cards they have in hand and measure the distance from their opponents card that they placed nearest you. This becomes your shooting spot for the the rest of the game.

Bakugan Battle Brawling Time!

Each player takes turns from their shooting spot and no player can skip a turn shooting if they have any Bakugan Brawlers in their hand. Youngest player shoots their ball first.

Winning The Game

The battle is over once there are no more Bakugan left over to play or all the cards have been won from the battle field. The winner is determined by the adding up the HSP points of each card that the player has won.

Players that have won Bakugan from their opponent get an extra 100 HSP points to add to their score along with 100 HSP points from the Bakugan they still have left standing.


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