How To Impress Your Parents And Get What You Want

Have you ever wondered why your parents are not buying you your favourite toy that you keep telling them about? Or why they have not taken you out to see the new movie that everyone else has seen!

Many young people try to please themselves and don’t worry about their parents. They try tantrums, crying, and even to physically push their parents into letting them have what they want. Sometimes these strategies do work, but most of the time they don’t.

This will definitely leave you in a pretty uneasy and empty feeling. So what can you do about it? Well I recall one thing that always worked for me and that is to be so helpful to mum and dad that they paid me to get out of the house and go to the movies with lots of spare cash to buy the pop corn, lollies and drink. I still had a few dollars left for me to go see the next movie the day after.

What did I do to deserve this special out pouring of generosity?

I found out from my uncle that to enjoy my parent’s favour I would need to please my parents by helping around the house. Doing chores, washing dishes, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, just making myself indispensable was more than enough to win my parents pleasure.

There were times when I prepared breakfast for my parents when they were in bed. Nothing fancy, just vegemite on toast and coffee. But I was quickly ushered out, breakfast and all. Since then my dad paid me an allowance to not be as keen to serve my parents breakfast at 5:30 in the morning.

While mowing I accidentally ran over mum’s flowers. My mum replanted these and asked me to be more careful. While still mowing I kept on running over huge rocks that damaged the mower. Dad was not very pleased, I apologised and offer to be more careful but dad did not want to risk the mower. He offered to do the mowing and gave me some money to go and buy an ice cream at the local shop.

Dad gave me an allowance since, to just go to the movies with my friends when he was having special talks with mum in the late afternoon. My dad is cool!

I am sure that you would like to get what you want. The question is, are you prepared to please your parents to the point that they love you so much that they will give you what you desire. Act now, be indispensable to your parents. They will love you.

You Deserve it.

To Your Helpful Learning Success,



P.S. Decide Today to be helpful. After you do it,that is doing something that is helpful to your parents, you’ll FEEL GOOD about yourself.



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