Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD – Homework For Parents

Here is some homework for parents before they seek a diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. If your child has some of the symptoms of ADHD such as distractability, forgetting things, inattention when you try to engage them in conversation and maybe non-stop fidgeting, Google first on other medical conditions that have similar symptoms and see if they could possibly be one of the reasons for his symptoms. Your list could be quite long including a parasite, liver dysfunction or low blood glucose levels. Make a note of these and make sure that when you do go for a diagnosis, that you mention these and that they have all been excluded. Correct diagnosis is important as ADHD, if left untreated can lead to teenagers being involved in road accidents, low academic achievement and risk of substance abuse which they may carry into their adult life.

Let's suppose that you do get a diagnosis and treatment of ADHD plan from your doctor or specialist. If that includes psychostimulants, ask him why the FDA has all the back box warnings on these medications. This is due to a certain risk of sudden death from heart attacks in children who have potential heart problems. You could also mention that as these drugs act on the child's neurotransmitters in the brain, what are the long term effects and what are the risks? Actually the drug companies can not tell us how Adderall and Ritalin precisely work which in my opinion is even more alarming. Next do some research on ADHD homeopathic remedies and look at the companies offering these and what advantages there are. You are trying to get a broader picture here of various possibilities open to you. One thing will be very clear from this little piece of research is that these homeopathic treatments have no side effects are there are no risks.

Next type in the names of Dr. Gregory Fabiano (winner of prestigious White House Award) and William Pelham and read up about their work on ADHD. You will discover that their research at the prestigious University of Buffalo actually shows that ADHD behavior therapy or treatment is more effective (in the long term) than any ADHD drugs and that this should be the main thrust of any diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.

Your doctor or pediatrician may well not agree but you, as a parent, will have to decide what to do. You could also drop in the names of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) as their guidelines now completely support tying behavior modification first, rather than last.

Then go to the ADHD blogs and see the posts on all the different psychostimulants. You may be alarmed at the long list of problems, side effects and risks. Try also the parenting blogs and you will see where parents have been able to turn around their kids using behavior therapy.

After a few hours doing your homework surfing on the Net, you will have come up with vital issues and questions to ask in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and you will also be much better informed. That means making the right decision for your child, which option you choose.


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