Communicating With Your Parents

Back when they were little they are really dependent on their parents and could easily verbalize their problems and needs. But when they get a little older, the situation tends to change. It is very important that they see the necessity of being able to confide and turn to their parents. It will help them a lot especially in making the right decisions and solving their problems.

Sharing what we feel with our parents creates a better family relationship. It seems pretty uncomfortable when we need to bring up important issues. So, start with the good things. They are much more easy to share. You will all feel glad when something good happens to you or to anyone else in the family.

When it comes to the harder part, we must learn to be brave. We think that we can do or solve it by ourselves or we could just ignore it. But problems will remain as problems if we do not do something about it. We may hope for it to just go away but that is useless. We need to act. When it sees very difficult, why not turn to our parents? They are certainly ready and willing to help us.

Of course, parents have initial reactions when we tell them we are in trouble. They may feel angry but it will certainly fade ever. They will also be sad or worried but that's because they care for us. They are older than us and are much more capable of solving our problems. They will be a great help. You may be embarrassed too because probably probably a stupid reason but they will be able to understand that.

If you are having difficulty, plan on how to start the conversation. The difficult part is how to start. You can plan on how to open a certain topic, who to talk it out with, where and when. Everything will follow.

Just be clear, direct and honest. In this way, they will be more willing to talk to you seriously and understand you and your problems. Do not argument with them instead try to understand their side. They are certainly thinking what is best for you.


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