Brides and Grooms: How to Write a Thank You Note to Parents

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When all the wedding festivities have settled down, it would be a gracious gesture for you to write a letter to your parents. Of course you have already thanked them in person for everything they did, but think of how surprised and touched they would be to receive a letter, telling your thoughts and conveying your appreciation at this important stage of your life.

Many brides and grooms give a gift to their parents, on the occasion of the wedding. But no matter how large or small of a gift you select, also consider writing a letter to your parents, speaking from your heart. It will be a letter they will always save.

If your parents gave financial support for the wedding, your message does not need to mention the amount of financial help they gave you. Your letter is a keepsake and not an accounting ledger.

Because it’s longer than a note, you might want to compose your letter on the computer. By doing so, you can change and add words and get it just the way you wish and then transcribe it on pretty paper.

Use your own words, but your letter could read something like this:

Dear Mom and Dad,

How do I put into words what my wedding day meant to me and the enormous gratitude I have for everything you did!

For so long, I dreamt of the day when Aidan and I would say “I do” and then you made my dream come true. Your support, financially and emotionally, was always there for me.

There were days when I was overwhelmed with the details, but your steady help showed me that all would be well. So many of my memories of planning and preparing for the wedding and reception are of all of us working together. I will always remember how you focused on what Aidan and I wanted. There were fun times, silly times, hard work times and times of pure joy – and you were always there for me.

Relying on your advice always was smart. Mom, shopping with you for dresses was so special – where did you get all your patience and energy! Dad, I’ll always remember what you said to me before we walked down the aisle. And there are a hundred more memories, all because of you two.

Our wedding day was an unbelievable celebration with family and friends. What memories I will always have!

Thank you for the wedding and reception, and thank you for the washer and dryer you gave us. Laundromat days are over – hooray — because of your very generous and practical gift.

I love you and I thank you for everything you did for Oct. 2, 2011. Most of all, thank you for the extraordinary example of how rich and full married life can be. Your marriage has been a rock in my life, and I will work hard to create a marriage as wonderful as the one I have witnessed under your roof.




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