9 Characteristics Of A Loving And Safe Parent

Characteristic #1-Patience

Loving parents are skilled at enduring under difficult situations with their children. A patient parent perservere in all provocation without reacting in a negative way towards their children.

Characteristic #2- Kindness

Safe parents show kindness to their children in action. The parental virtue of kindness is considered to be one of the most powerful and effective way for increasing moral excellence in the home.

Characteristic # 3- Generosity

Safe parents uses generosity as a guiding principle for demonstrating a habit of passion for helping their children become indepent and successful daily.

Characteristic #4-Humility

Parents should practice humility as an effective way to exercise influence with their children. Humility is a parental skill that replace defensiveness and command inner strength when communicating with your children.

Characteristic #5-Courtesy

Parents activate gentle politeness in expressing their desire to know their children at a deeper level. Children wll always respond immediately and respectfully to a courteous parent.

Characteristic #6-Unselfishness

Practice love in essence. Bitterness and excessive selfish behaviors should not be tolerated as a form of communication with children.

Characteristic#7-Good Temper

Established parents are not easily irritated by their children’s inadequacies. Sharing an even tempered relationship with children stimulates healthy growth and development.

Characteristic #8-Forgiving

Mom and Dad embrace their children with an abundance of forgiveness at all times. The first response to a child’s negative behavior should be mercy. Mercy is one of the greatest weapon parents can use to disarm a two year old or any child with a mission to rebel against their leadership in the home.

Characteristic #9-Sincerity

Always use sincerity to communicate honestly about their feelings, thoughts and desires for moving their children toward excellence. Limited vision about their children’s growth and development is rejected by parents who enjoy the power of being sincere.


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