Have you recently learned that you are going to be a new mom? If you have, congratulations! Motherhood is something that most women live their lives for. As nice as motherhood is, many issues arise that many first time parents do not know about. For that reason, many first time mothers make the decision to… (0 comment)

To put it simply different problems call for different solutions. So when it comes to tips for parenting the defiant child ordinary discipline techniques will not work. The primary difference between defiance and disobedience is the overall reason behind this. Sometimes what should be relatively obvious just becomes a problem, when it comes to some… (0 comment)

Unfortunately, there are many types of trauma children experience. In the Child Welfare Trauma Training Tool, 14 types of trauma are identified, five of which are listed here. The seven tips listed below have the five most common types of child trauma in mind: (1) physical abuse which occurs when a child suffers injury as… (0 comment)

Bringing up a child that will become useful to the society is the dream and wish of every parent. Some parents have succeeded in achieving this; I mean Barack Obama was the child of someone who did his job well. Some have not succeeded not because they didn’t try, but because they didn’t know exactly… (0 comment)

The parenting methods of a mother and a father share a lot of similarities as well as differences. Each set of parents is unique and differ in personalities and beliefs. However, their common goal seems to be the same concerning their children. Both my mother and father held the best intentions for me in their… (0 comment)

Can Teachers be Sued? YES, but don’t panic! For aspiring teachers, there are two courses that I would immediately mandate: 1) Acting, and 2) School Law for Teachers. With the exception of a small amount of information related to Special Education Law, there exists no formal instruction designed for teachers. This causes all of us… (0 comment)