As more and more grandsparents become snowbirds, migrating south for the winter, there is concern about how it affects their children and grandchildren. There are diverse opinions on how the snowbird migration affects families – probably as many opinions as there are family members. As one young child put it, 'We always used to spend… (0 comment)

I grow up in a small town. Although I never lived there again once I graduated from college, I was always nostalgic about that life; the big yards, the ease of getting from one place to another (walk, bike or a short bus ride}, the city-wide celebrations on holidays, the joy of knowing so many… (0 comment)

This is a term that is often used to describe the emotional and physical dependency on alcohol. When someone drinks alcohol they are really taking a sedative drug, which has the potential to create a physical dependence on alcohol. It can also cause different withdrawal symptoms should someone decide to stop drinking alcohol completely. For… (0 comment)

To succeed in business or life, I came to realize that we must collectively take remedial actions. Putting myself on the line day after day can be extremely draining, especially when things do not work out as I desired. Here, each time I face a disappointing event or undesirable exit, I NEVER FORGET these famous… (0 comment)

Kids like having fun and exploring things according to their moods and sometimes get into critical situations. After taking special care of your kids, they often come across minor injuries such as cuts, burns, abrasion etc. And, the minor accidents may turn worse, if you are unable to take safety measures on time. The best… (0 comment)

When a relationship reaches a particularly bad end all a guy wants to do is get over their ex girlfriend quickly so that they can move forward with their lives. It can take quite a long time to really get over a girlfriend, especially if you go about the situation in the wrong way. There… (0 comment)

We know that from an emotional point of view, separation is often lived by a man or woman, consciously as a “mourning”, a loss of routines that characterises the whole family system. Whatever the causes that lead to such a painful decision, it is necessary to deal with the failure of “a project” in which… (0 comment)

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is also known as Basic Life Support. It is a method that includes providing artificial circulation and respiration to sustain life in a person which heartbeat and breathing has ceased. CPR is commonly performed to a collapsed or drowned person, especially if respiration and pulse is absent. Having CPR training will enable you… (0 comment)