There are several different types of visitations agreements. You may be wondering what kind of agreement would work best for your situation. There are some common types of agreements you should know about as you consider which one will work best for you. Knowing about the different types will help you make a good decision… (0 comment)

Back when they were little they are really dependent on their parents and could easily verbalize their problems and needs. But when they get a little older, the situation tends to change. It is very important that they see the necessity of being able to confide and turn to their parents. It will help them… (0 comment)

For teen entrepreneurs, it’s not just homework or hormones and friends or fashion. For these exceptional young people, it’s all of that – plus finding funding, building business and securing their futures at an early age. And it’s important that their parents understand and appreciate their struggles and offer them support every step of the… (0 comment)

One of the days that a child will remember throughout their lifetime is their birthday. It is often accentuated because of the celebration that tends to surround that day. There are many options that are open to you when it comes to children’s birthday parties. Here are some of those ideas that you may want… (0 comment)

Single parenthood is on the rise. According to the US Census Bureau, there are 13.6 million single parents in the United States. Of these, the overwhelming majorities are mothers. While most single parenting situations are the result of divorce, a growing number are not. Many single moms have never been married. But no matter what… (0 comment)