This Is Us EP Talks Season 2: Randall’s ‘Adoption Bomb,’ Jack/Rebecca Fight Fallout, a New Pregnancy (?) and More
This Is Us co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker is the master of understatement. “Randall had a big year last year,” he says, referring to the hit NBC drama’s first season, in which Sterling K. Brown’s character found his biological father, learned that the older man was dying, invited him into his home, realized that his adoptive mother… (0 comment)

Authoritarian parenting has also been called military style parenting or aggressive parenting. This is because this style of parenting is demanding and not as much about a healthy development of the child as it is about rules, boundaries, and distance. In this form of parenting, parents do not encourage talking about feelings or stepping outside… (0 comment)

Permissive parenting means that parents let their children do whatever they want. These types of parents do not want to put in any work in shaping their child’s future. Sometimes, this type of parenting style is a result of the strict upbringing the parents themselves must have had. However, permissiveness can be very damaging if… (0 comment)

Iraq – UN – Adoption of Security Council resolution 2379 on the fight against impunity for crimes committed by Daesh …
France welcomes the Security Council’s adoption, on September 21, of resolution 2379 on the fight against impunity for crimes committed by Daesh in Iraq. The aim of this text co-sponsored by France is to establish an investigative team to assist the Iraqi authorities. In conjunction with current mechanisms, it is urgent to document the crimes… (0 comment)

Denmark to look into Sri Lankan adoption case
4,000 illegally adopted Sri Lankan children ended up in the Netherlands, but how many went to Denmark? (photo: Zembla) “We will try to investigate what sort of co-operation existed between the organisation and Sri Lanka at the time,” Jeanette Larsen, the head of DIA, told DR Nyheder. “Then, we must look into which picture it… (0 comment)

Have you recently learned that you are going to be a new mom? If you have, congratulations! Motherhood is something that most women live their lives for. As nice as motherhood is, many issues arise that many first time parents do not know about. For that reason, many first time mothers make the decision to… (0 comment)