According to Weenolsen (1988) loss can be characterized as anything that destroys some aspect of life or self. According to Worden (2002) grief can be characterized as the experience of someone who has lost an important relationship or even an attachment to another person. These concepts can be directly related to the loss of a… (0 comment)

Steering clear of ever-changing parenting trends
Carolyn Hax Published 10:25 p.m. ET July 29, 2017 CLOSE HUMANKIND VIDEOSMom gets sign from young son who died | 0:55 Jack’s mother was visiting his grave when she asked him to “show mommy a sign.” HUMANKIND 1 of 10 CLOSE HUMANKIND VIDEOSHelped by a stranger on a difficult day, she unknowingly returns the favor… (0 comment)

Joint custody between parent and grandparents can be a tricky situation and if you are not able to see your grandchildren as often as you would like, you may need to work out a custody arrangement that is best for you and your grandchildren. Many grandparents suffer everyday because they are unable to see their… (0 comment)

Says Who?  John Bowlby’s attachment theory suggests that secure attachment between a parent and child makes parenting easier and supports parent/child intimacy, which enhances the child’s sense of worth How does this relate to single-parent families? Lack of interaction between the children of single-parent families and their parents can result in attachment issues that can… (0 comment)

SC cat cafe has soaring adoption rates
CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Go grab a coffee or glass of wine, and maybe leave with a kitten in hand. That’s the goal of Pounce Cat Cafe in downtown Charleston. To date, Pounce has helped more than 370 cats find homes, and they’ve only been open for seven months. First-time visitor Barbara Bailey says, “I… (0 comment)

No one expected it. While climbing into his hot tub, my healthy 87- year-old father-in-law slipped, fell, and broke a rib. He began internal bleeding that the doctors couldn’t stop. In two weeks, Gene was gone. Fortunately, we had taken time a few months earlier to record Gene’s life story, and discovered some amazing facts.… (0 comment)

National karate players on love, parenting and combat
Fate brought them together at a very early age. Mehmet and Tuba Yakan, who are both national and licensed athletes of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kağıtspor Club, met at the age of 17 during a Turkish National Karate Team camp. They instantly fell in love with each other and had chance to wear the national team’s… (0 comment)