A child has a distributed time for school and home thus he is distributed amongst parents and teachers. We can say that parents and teachers play a very important role in shaping child’s future. Education is basically a process that leads to mental and psychological growth of a child. Apart from leaning the academics a… (0 comment)

Donations of blankets, sheets, towels needed after flooding at DC dog adoption center
The Humane Rescue Alliance is asking for donations of used blankets, sheets and towels after heavy rain overnight caused flooding at one of their adoption centers in DC. (Photo: Humane Rescue Alliance Facebook page) WASHINGTON (ABC7) —  The Humane Rescue Alliance is asking for donations of used blankets, sheets and towels after heavy rain overnight… (0 comment)

There are different levels of support that a parent can provide, depending on the age and maturity levels of their child. When a child is very young, the supportive parent can do relatively simple things such as posting a drawing on the refrigerator after giving the child rave reviews on their creation. The supportive parent… (0 comment)

As special education teachers one of our main responsibilities is to develop Individual Education Programs (IEP’s) along with a team of individuals including the child’s parents or caregivers. The process is very time consuming for Special Education teachers. It is not usual spend upwards to several hours just gathering information and getting ready to conduct… (0 comment)

Characteristic #1-Patience Loving parents are skilled at enduring under difficult situations with their children. A patient parent perservere in all provocation without reacting in a negative way towards their children. Characteristic #2- Kindness Safe parents show kindness to their children in action. The parental virtue of kindness is considered to be one of the most… (0 comment)

I truly value my relationship with my parents. The role of my parents and my siblings in my life can hardly ever be overstated. To begin with, I should state that my parents have always provided me with support. Their opinion has always played a significant role in my decision making process. Whenever I had… (0 comment)

There are many things my parents taught me will go throughout life. Let’s take a look and think about the things you should teach children below: 1. Independence For each person, it is important to live and think independently. Independence brings confidence, success for you in life. And that is also what you should teach… (0 comment)