Can Teachers be Sued? YES, but don’t panic! For aspiring teachers, there are two courses that I would immediately mandate: 1) Acting, and 2) School Law for Teachers. With the exception of a small amount of information related to Special Education Law, there exists no formal instruction designed for teachers. This causes all of us… (0 comment)

Pamela Adlon Jokes About Parenting: “IF—ed Up” Until My Daughters Were 8
In real life, paparazzi have had a field day catching the actress’ teen daughter Odessa’s tender moments, hand-holding with new beau Jaden Smith. Teens can be a handful. Just ask Better Things co-creator and Emmy-nominated star Pamela Adlon. The mother of three daughters told THR about her fairly typical child-rearing challenges while promoting Louis C.K.’s… (0 comment)

Parents want the most for their child’s preschool experience. To make that happen, parents need to learn to communicate effectively with their childcare’s teachers. Regardless of the subject matter, parents need to take an active role in the communication process, make sure everything is clear, stay up-to-date with daily events and actively seek a relationship… (0 comment)

Parenting and the Synagogue
Rosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year and it comes rife with all the feelings the secular New Year comes with- feelings of renewal and of fresh starts and of “this year will be different”. As I sat (briefly) in synagogue, the tunes of my childhood resurfaced from the cobwebbed recesses of memory. I knew… (0 comment)

Human contact with bird eggs or a baby bird will not cause the parents to abandon all hope of the family. The parents will come back. Most birds can’t even tell that you have been there at all. But this is what grownups tell children, likely to safeguard the birds from little fingers. Birds don’t… (0 comment)

Parenting Made Simple… But Not Easy
click to enlarge Raising a healthy child can appear to be a daunting task. Parents worry about many issues such as: Is my child going to the right school? How much exercise versus TV time is right? Does my child have enough friends? How important are after-school activities, and how many is too many?… (0 comment)

Being a parent requires several skills that you need to understand and practice. Among these, the most important parenting skill perhaps would be patience. It may also be the most difficult to practice. However, in order to be the best parent that you can be to your child, you would need to control yourself and… (0 comment)

Share Tweet Share Email Print I am a male, white and blue Pit Bull Terrier. My age is unknown. I have been at the shelter since July 12, 2017. Enlarge Dogs remain available at the Lucas County Canine Care & Control Office, 410 South Erie St., Toledo. For information, call… (0 comment)