Parenting with tenderness
It is my belief that God had intended for parenting to be a beautiful experience and satisfying life engagement for humanity. By Kilton Moyo However, these days, it seems like parenting, to many, has become a serious frustration. I always wonder why there has been a sudden turn of things? Why the sudden loss of… (0 comment)

How marketers are wrestling with virtual reality’s adoption issue
Virtual reality has yet to gain mainstream traction, but it has maintained its grip among marketers. The way marketers are approaching the medium has changed, however. A year after Facebook’s Oculus, HTC and Sony each released premium-quality VR headsets, though, sales have reportedly failed to exceed single-digit millions. And research firm Forrester has said that… (0 comment)

There are no instruction manuals for many important aspects of life—parenting and long-term relationships among them. They may not be solving those two problems, but a group of volunteers from several local churches wants to help. They decided to put together a three-day conference called Winning at Home. It kicks off tonight with an evening… (0 comment)

The best movies about parenting are actually these uncompromising genre films
undefined This post discusses plot points from “Incendies” (2010), “Prisoners” (2013), “Sicario” (2015), “Arrival” (2016), and “Blade Runner 2049” (last weekend).   Despite the care and craft that went into creating “Blade Runner 2049’s” environmentally ruined landscapes — a desolate dystopia of the first order, one that seems to be rotting away from the inside… (0 comment)