UK’s Most Influential Business Organization Supports Blockchain Adoption
The Confederation of the British Industry (CBI), one of the most influential business associations in the UK, is calling the local government to initiate a commission consisting of employee representatives, academics, and a government minister to analyze and suggest how blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) could be applied in different… (0 comment)

Adoption event to encourage LGBT parents
LGBT / LGBT By james higgins, Monday Oct 23, 2017 CCS Adoption is running a drop-in adoption event to inspire potential future LGBT adopters. The event is. organised by the Oftsed ‘outstanding’ rated CCS Adoption. It will give potential parents the chance to find out more, meet the local LGBT adoption network, and the children… (0 comment)

Wisconsin family given national honors for adoption efforts
When Jennifer and Jeremy Schaeffer learned they would be honored as Angels in Adoption in Washington D.C. last month, they almost didn’t attend the ceremony. Adopting their six children has never been about honor or recognition; it was about giving children a chance at a better life. Their attitudes changed once they learned they could… (0 comment)

Dogs found after Hurricane Maria are up for adoption
After surviving Puerto Rico’s deadly Hurricane Maria, a group of rescued dogs have arrived in U.S. cities, ready for adoption. In one instance, reported by the New York Post, a total of 53 dogs were scooped up by animal rescue group The Sato Project — and 28 of these are up for adoption in New… (0 comment)

PARENTING: Food prep tips for parents on the go
By Jenni Stahlmann and Jody Hagaman For busy parents, serving healthy, home-cooked meals can seem unrealistic but, with some planning and a few time-saving strategies, it is not impossible. It starts with a plan. Set aside time each week to plan meals, make a shopping list, prepare for a store trip and prep food… (0 comment)

Local animals shelters overcrowded, lower adoption rates
Colbert County Animal Shelter has reduced its adoption rates to $10 for cats, $25 for adult dogs, and $10 for all animals at the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter due to overcrowding conditions at both shelters. The reduced rates will continue through the end of the week in Colbert County and the rest of October in Lauderdale… (0 comment)

On power parenting
I’ve been thinking about what I will call the cyclical control of the desi parent.It’s a particular kind of desperation, combined with a power struggle and a healthy dash of guilt (the inducement of, that is).When I talk to young people, many are ruled by their parents, as many young people are.But they are ruled.Not… (0 comment)

Couple can’t agree on approach to parenting
Q. My wife and I have a 14-month-old daughter. We often clash on our parenting styles. Our daughter is on a very strict schedule. This has worked out well for us — she naps well and sleeps through the night. Advertisement I’m all for the schedule, but sometimes life should come first. This weekend my… (0 comment)