Trying The Parenting Style Of The 1980s Versus Modern Parenting For Kids – YourTango

Trying it may do some good for your kids, your partner—and your sanity.

By Patrick A. Coleman

It was Tuesday afternoon. My children were downstairs. I had no idea what they were doing and I was trying and failing not to care. My Kindergartner had recently been making “traps” out of tape and I was certain I’d left a roll unattended.

He’d also become enamored of the scissors. I imagined him cutting up our valuables while his snack-crazed older brother went full Caligula.

Still, I did not check in. Why? Because I’d read roughly a dozen internet and print homages to the 1980s as a golden age of parenting, a time when studied indifference to children produced great results and countless stickball games.

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I wanted to know if the retrospective hype for Max Headroom parenting was pure nostalgia or if there was something in it.

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