Taunton children whisked off to adoption party in style thanks to donated limo ride

TAUNTON – Lynn Major was worried the ride from Taunton to the Berkshires might be a little nerve-racking for her four young clients.

They were heading to an adoption party – a chance to meet and have fun with other children available for adoption and also meet and get to know prospective adoptive families.

She wanted to do something to help make it a special occasion.

That’s when she got the idea to have a limousine take the children to the party in style.

“The four kids we brought with us were smiling ear to ear the entire way,” said Major, an adoption social worker at the state Department of Children and Families office located in the Mill River plaza on Washington Street in Taunton.

On the day of the party, Sunday morning, Nov. 4, Extreme Limo driver Tim Fowler arrived at the Taunton office and scooped up the four children and the DCF workers.

“He was excellent. He treated the kids like royalty,” Major said.

They sipped sparkling apple juice out of champagne glasses and played cards.

And as the kids called out names of songs they liked for Major to play on her phone, they were laughing and dancing in their seats.

“It was great to see them so happy,” Major said.

She said the four children include three siblings, a 14 year old and two 12-year-old twins, who are currently living in two separate foster homes. Their dream is to find an adoptive home for all three of them, so they can be together.

The fourth child is a sweet little 10-year-old girl, Major said.

“A lot of kids are just looking for the security where they can trust there will be someone there for them every morning when they wake up,” Major said.

Barry Walters, owner of Extreme Limo and Shuttle of West Bridgewater, donated most of the cost of the limo ride to the adoption party.

When Major first walked into Walters’ office asking if there was anything he could do to help, at first he wasn’t sure.

But as she talked about the children she works with, how they have so little to call their own and about wanting to make the adoption party a special occasion for them – he thought about his own children.

And as he listened to Major, he could tell the request was totally genuine and from the heart, he said.

When Walters said yes, Major started crying, then the office manager.

“This is a stressful, crazy business. You’re running around 24-7. The way the world is today, it makes you feel good that you have the resources to do something like this,” Walters said.

“Nothing else matters,” he said.

As to the adoption party – organized by the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) – it’s too soon to say if it will lead to an adoption connection, Major said. But as far as she’s concerned it was a big success because the kids enjoyed themselves instead of feeling stressed out.

“The kids were relaxed and had a great time,” Major said.

And that’s the goal – to put them at ease and make them feel at home so they can be themselves – and just be kids for a little while, kids who know there are adults who care about them and will care for them until they find a forever home, she said.

As for the limo ride, Major said, “They will remember this day forever.”

There are more than 500 children in Massachusetts waiting to be adopted, Major said. For more information go to www.mareinc.org.

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