Sweet Sixteen Adoption

Sweet Sixteen Adoption
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After having their first daughter, Rachel and Marshall Moore struggled to get pregnant again. After much thought they decided to try out fostering. Their pastor put them in contact with Hope and Home and within days they were contacted. Originally the Moore’s had only been open to taking in younger kids, but when asked if they could foster four siblings they took the leap. That’s what began a change in mindset for Rachel and Marshall, “You meet these teens and they’re so amazing. They’re not just your foster child, but your friend.” Rachel says a lot of parents are intimidated by the thought of bringing a teen into their homes, “but they need to be loved and are just looking for a family.” 

It was two days before Christmas when Serenity first met her forever family. As you could imagine, an awkward holiday for a teenager in a new home, “They were like this is your new uncle, this is your cousin. I’m like, uh no,” explains Serenity. Leaving her family behind in the city was not easy, getting into a groove took a couple of weeks for everyone. But soon enough Serenity was embracing the country life. Rachel says, “She’s like let’s get a pig or a lama. She loves the chickens.”

And so the adoption became official on Serenity’s Sweet Sixteen. Serenity says she was surrounded by family and friends, explaining, “This really is the best place for me.” Soon after the adoption of Serenity, Rachel and Marshall adopted Josilyn- a spunky 2-year-old. Rachel says, “I just had this overwhelming feeling that there was supposed to be one more. So I called our case working and she said God must have put that on your heart because I got a call today for Josilyn.” And just like that they became a family of five.

The Moore’s continue to credit Hope and Home for making their experience with fostering and adopting so smooth. If you’re considering fostering visit: https://hopeandhome.org/

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