Superior Court to celebrate National Adoption Day

For the past several years in November, Trinity County Superior Court judges and staff have celebrated and organized a special celebration for National Adoption Month held on the Courthouse front steps. This year the event will take place on Friday, Dec. 1.

The court, along with several other agencies, will hold an event at the Courthouse to celebrate and honor adoptive families and their children, families looking to adopt and all those people who have been so lucky to find their forever home here in Trinity County. This year’s event will include a photo booth, cookie decorating, sandwiches, snacks and a stuffed animal give away to children and families who have participated in the adoption and foster process.   

 “Adoption Day is an opportunity for communities to notice and thank the adults who have stepped forward and volunteered to take care of children in need of a home,” said Judge Elizabeth Johnson. “Adoption hearings are special because, unlike most of our cases, they can lead to a happy outcome,” she said.

Foster parents and grandparents or other relatives are the ones most often selected to adopt children who have been removed from the parents’ home in cases reported to children’s protective services agencies of the government. Private adoptions are rare, but with proper legal assistance, these are available to families who need to provide permanence for children without the involvement of governmental child protection agencies. In all cases, in-depth investigations are required to ensure the court that the adopting family will be able to give a home to the child, and give the level of stability, security and support that will be needed to help that child succeed in life.

“Without people who are willing to adopt, many lonely, loving children in need of a permanent home will be lost,” said Judge Johnson.

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