State Rep. Dooley participates in national adoption month

State Rep. Shawn Dooley, R-Norfolk, is participating as a host during national adoption month. Throughout November, his State House office will display a photo of Eddie, an energetic 12 year old currently awaiting adoption.

Eddie enjoys sharing stories, telling jokes, and making others laugh. He loves to build with Legos and hopes one day to be a WWE wrestler.

The event, organized by the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE), is intended to raise awareness about adoption of children from foster care. The month culminates with National Adoption Day, which celebrates the adoption of hundreds of children from foster care into permanent families throughout Massachusetts.

“I love this event and look forward to participating every year,” said Dooley. “As an elected official, I’ve had to deal with a number of issues surrounding adoptions, so I am unfortunately keenly aware of how difficult a situation these kids are in. I want to be able to help in any way I can.”


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