Springview family share ups and downs about their international adoption experience

Springview family share ups and downs about their international adoption experience
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Brandon and Sharissa Sears is adopting a 2-year-old child from China. Photo by Megan Anderson

SPRINGVIEW, Neb. — Brandon and Sharissa Sears are adopting a 2-year-old child from China.

He has cerebral palsy and was abandoned at five days old.

The Sears family described the process as somewhat challenging, yet rewarding.

“Submit some things to them and they forwarded it on to Beijing, and within a week, we were allowed permission to continue to pursue him and bring him home,” Sharissa said.

New adoption Chinese laws are tightening some of the restrictions on adoption like family size and how many children can be adopted at once.

“One of the rules was that our youngest child had to be at least 3-years-old,” Sharissa said.

Brandon said there was a lot of uncertainty at times.

“Emotions of the excitement of pursuing after we had been rejected. You experience that throughout the whole process,” he said.

The adoption process including travel to China is around $40,000 for the Sears family.

“We have a lot of faith that we’ve been led to this and that we’ve been called to this little guy for a reason for a higher purpose,” Sharissa said.

The Sears family said there were hundreds who were not allowed to continue with international adoption. They want to be an example of a family who did.

“If there’s families out there that think that they can’t afford it or it’s too difficult or too hard, then I’m here to tell you that a younger couple from the sandhills of Nebraska can do it, then anyone can do it,” she said.

The family had a fundraiser where the community made 3,000 pizzas to sell, all in support of their adoption process.

The Sears family is encouraging anyone who is considering or currently in the process of international adoption to reach out to them for questions.

Click here to follow the Sears family journey to China.

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