SC cat cafe has soaring adoption rates

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Go grab a coffee or glass of wine, and maybe leave with a kitten in hand. That’s the goal of Pounce Cat Cafe in downtown Charleston. To date, Pounce has helped more than 370 cats find homes, and they’ve only been open for seven months.

First-time visitor Barbara Bailey says, “I was completely shocked that they’ve adopted that many, but I can see why because if I could take on home right now, I would.”

That seems to be the popular opinion because cats and kittens are almost flying out the door.

Co-owner of Pounce, Ashley Brooks, says, “Compared to other cat cafes, we have the highest adoption rate in the whole country.”

All of the cats come from the Charleston Animal Society and Pounce has become so successful, they have literally cleared out the cages in the shelter.

Brooks says, “I know Charleston Animal usually has to do free adoption events and things like that in the summer because they are so overwhelmed with kittens, and because of us they haven’t had to do any free adoption events, so it’s pretty exciting.”

To bring people in the door, Pounce holds special events like Sunday Kitten Yoga, Friday night movies and Feline and Design paint night. But the biggest seller? Letting the animals be themselves.

Brooks says, “They feel like this is their home, so they’re acting like who they would at your house and you’re able to make a much better decision based on your family and what you really want. I think that’s why we’ve had such a high adoption rate because people fall in love and can’t leave without them.”

And come November, our neighbors to the South will have their feline fix.

Brooks says, “I never expected that it would’ve gone this quickly. We always wanted to open up a second location but we were kind of like the time is meow, why not? If we’re not going to do it someone else is going to and we love Savannah so much we might as well do it now.”

Pounce says their cats have traveled across the country with tourists who fall in love with a cat and just have to bring it home. But, the majority of the adoptions are from people in the local area.

For more information about Pounce, or to make an appointment to visit with the cats, click here.

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