Kristy and Dana Dumont have been married for six years. They talk about how they met, where they got married, and their desire to become foster parents with hopes to ultimately adopt. Two agencies turned them down. Find out why.

LANSING — Foster families filed a federal lawsuit against Michigan after a recent Attorney General ruling requiring religious agencies to provide adoption and foster care services to same-sex couples.

Melissa Buck, a Holt mother of five children she adopted through St. Vincent Catholic Charities, filed the suit against Michigan and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, according to a Monday release from Becket Law. St. Vincent and another foster family filed the suit alongside Buck.

Becket is a Washington D.C.-based firm focused on religious freedom.

Last month, Attorney General Dana Nessel ruled religious agencies who have state contracts to provide adoption and foster care services must work with same-sex couples. Denying placements to same-sex couples violated anti-discrimination policies, she said.

Agencies that don’t want to work with same-sex couples can choose not to take state contracts, an Attorney General spokeswoman said at the time.

Nessel sided with couples represented by the American Civil Liberties Union who sued the state in 2017 because they were turned away by religious adoption agencies. One of those couples is Kristy and Dana Dumont, who live in Dimondale.

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