Pueblo County commissioners kick off campaign for National Adoption Month

The Pueblo County commissioners were smiling with the palms of their hands Monday as part of a social media campaign to bring awareness to National Adoption Month.

Each commissioner drew a smiley face on their hands and then took pictures of their hands to post on social media under the hashtag #Puebloadoptionmonth.

“We want to spread awareness that this month is National Adoption Month. We are asking people at various adoption and foster related events throughout the month of November to draw a smiley face on their hands, take a picture and post it on social media with the hashtag,” said Paris Elliot, Pueblo County community information manager.

“This gives people a way to show their support for people that have been touched by adoption.”

The commissioners also signed a proclamation naming Saturday “National Adoption Day.” Pueblo City Council signed it at a meeting Monday night.

The Pueblo County Department of Social Services is scheduled to hold its 10th annual Adoption Day on Friday at the Dennis Maes Pueblo Judicial Building in District Court Division 404, at 9 a.m.

“A total of seven children will be adopted during five adoptions that day,” said Amanda Ledbetter, adoption supervisor for the DSS.

“This is by kinship adoption and foster care adoption.”

Ledbetter said the annual event is a special time for these new families.

Judge Larry Schwartz is scheduled to preside.

Ledbetter said the hearings will last about two hours and then there will be a celebration party to follow.

“All children and teens deserve a safe loving family, yet there are nearly 300 children and teens in Colorado who are waiting to be adopted,” the proclamation said.

The proclamation stated that there are numerous individuals, nonprofit organizations and public servants who are dedicated to finding families for children and teens in foster care who are waiting to be adopted. There also is always a need for parents to adopt siblings, older youth, and young people with complex medical and behavioral needs.


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