Proposed 2018 budget scheduled for adoption

HARBOR SPRINGS — Following a presentation and public hearing on Monday, the proposed 2018 city budget will be up for adoption at the next city council meeting.

On Monday, city manager Tom Richards presented to council members on items in the budget.

Some of the largest proposed projects in the budget for the upcoming year are a $400,000 replacement of a major sewer line, two construction projects on two sections of State Street at around $70,000 each and a $350,000 budgeted amount for the replacement of the boardwalk. All costs are estimates.

Richards said there were no significant changes in the 2018 budget when compared with the previous year’s. The projected expenditures for the 2018 general fund are $3,140,000.

“It’s about $500,000 more than last year but less than previous years,” Richards said. “It’s not always a consistent either going up or going down.”

Richards added the budget is a good reflection of the city’s stability.

“I think it reflects the stability in the city and the fact that we’re trying to keep on top of projects and not ignore anything until it becomes a bigger problem,” he said.

Following Monday’s special meeting, the proposed budget will again go before council for adoption at the Dec. 18 meeting.

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