Parenting 101: Moms on Call method for getting baby to sleep

The Wedekinds are a sweet family. They’ve taken to parenthood well, but it took a minute.

“The first night home from the hospital we were like ‘Ahhhh, what are we doing?’ Breastfeeding and feeding the baby can be such a hurdle to overcome,” Rachael Wedekind said.

Being a parent can be terrifying! Between feedings, sleeping and crying, it’s a lot!

“I think there are just so many unknowns when you’re a mom. I wouldn’t say I was necessarily anxious, but I just had so many questions like are we doing this the right way?” Wedekind said.

Getting your precious baby to sleep is one of the biggest challenges of being a new parent.

Rachael tried the Moms On Call program, a feeding and sleep schedule that helps baby sleep through the night.

Local consultant and registered nurse Amy Ross helped with the process providing an in-home consultation and email and phone support.

“First we work on optimizing nutrition because a hungry baby can’t, shouldn’t and won’t sleep for very long,” Ross said. “We maximize their daytime calories so that they are then able to focus more on sleeping longer at night.”

The Moms on Call method focuses on the right nutrition, but also a tight swaddle and a sound machine at bedtime.

“On average, most of my clients are sleeping 10 hours a night by 10 weeks of life,” Ross said. “Pediatricians were noticing these babies are happy, they’re content and they’re relaxed.”

Ross loves to help parents become more confident.

“It’s the best part of what I get to do, I get to come into families’ homes and watch them grow and thrive as a family and watch these babies grow up,” she said.

The program varies in prices depending on the service you sign up for.

“I have recommended it to so many people. My husband is probably the biggest fan of it!” Rachel Wedekind said.

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