Online controversy surrounds dog adoption –

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – An online firestorm accuses Cedar Bend Humane Society of adopting out two dogs who have homes, but documentation shows the dogs had been in their care since May 23.

The posts accuse Cedar Bend of adopting out the dogs after only having them in their care for a short period of time. However One dog was adopted on June 8 and the other on June 11, both past their required time to keep the animals.

Documentation filled out by Waterloo Animal Control shows that both dogs were picked up May 23 in the 200 block of Oneida Street.

“If an animal arrives that has tags or a microchip, we immediately try to contact their owners. We hold the animal for 7 days,” said Kristy Gardener, co-director of Cedar Bend Humane Society.

She said they did find a microchip on the male dog and tried to contact the owner but never received a response.

They were able to make contact with the owner Wednesday.

Per the contract with the city of Waterloo, they must hold animals for three days that do not have any form of identification and seven days for those that do.

We were unable to contact the owner of the dogs. A person close with him said he was working late into the evening. We welcome the story of the owner’s and will afford him time to do so.

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