On Parenting: Meghan Leahy took your questions about parenting

Oh geez.

I know this sucks, I really do…but you gotta get a grip here. You don’t place the onus of your bad mood or hurt on the very son who is saying he is feeling hurt by you.

I mean, come on.

If it sounds like I am being a little hard on you, it is because you are really doing all the right things. Therapy and intellectually knowing that this isn’t personal…so why go down this rabbit hole with him? Now he has to work with YOUR hurt…OY.

Now, am I not saying you are entitled to your feelings? YUP, you are. And I am not saying that this is crappy and tiring? YUP, it really really is.

BUT BUT BUT BUT, get your own therapist/friend/wise person in YOUR life so that you can handle these feelings without ADDING to drama.

I am not saying that your ten year old has the right to be horrible to you and abuse you, but you cannot blame him for having the very feelings you are paying someone to help him have!!!!

Get some support. STAT.

Meanwhile, go to your son and say “listen, my feelings were hurt but I want you to know that I can handle this. I am mom and I am strong and I understand how you feel. Thank you for being honest.”

You may not feel strong or that you can handle it, but this is fake it till you make it time.


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