National Adoption Month highlighted by live adoption

Celebrating Adoption Month

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – As part of National Adoption Month, the courts in all 50 states today celebrated adoption. It’s not often you see a courtroom decorated with balloons and teddy bears, but this was a special occasion. 

A program honoring all those who give their time and energy to adoption was highlighted by an actual live legal adoption.

Judge Steven Gardener presided over the adoption of little Bryson Alexander Ricks to Aisa and Bruce Ricks, and it’s quite a story how they got Bryson.

“We signed up with an online profile and the birth mom saw us on an ad in Facebook and she contacted us,” said Aisa.

The Ricks family had to answer a series of questions–the most important of which was
“Do you believe this adoption is in Bryson’s best interest?” Of which they responded: “Yes, because we’re a really cool family and we really love him.”

Judge Gardner agreed and signed the paper, making Bryson a legal son of Aisa and Bruce. They were elated.

“We’re so happy. We’ve waited a long time,” Asia said. “Lots of tears…happy, and lots of love to share,” Bruce said.

The courtroom was beaming following the adoption—a mood typically not displayed in the courtroom. Judge Gardener stated usually his decisions please only 50 percent of the people. However, today, everyone was happy.

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