Most Consumers Don’t Expect Mass Adoption Of Electric Vehicles In 10 Years 05/16/2019 – MediaPost Communications

One of the numerous obstacles to pushing self-driving cars forward is consumer acceptance and adoption.

Now the latest survey from AAA finds that while Americans express an interest in
electric vehicles, only 40% said most vehicles would be electric by 2029.

An earlier AAA study found that more than half of Americans believe that by 2029, most cars will have the ability to
drive themselves.

“Today, more than 200,000 electric cars can be found on roads across the country as almost every manufacturer sells them,” states Greg Brannon, AAA’s
director of automotive engineering and industry relations. “Like other new vehicle technologies, Americans don’t have the full story, and that could be causing the gap between interest and

A majority (59%) of Americans do not believe electric vehicles will be on the road in masses in the next 10 years, according to the AA survey of 1,000 U.S. adults.

However, 40 million Americans would be likely to consider an electric vehicle for their next car purchase, with millennials leading the group.


Since autonomous vehicles
typically are electric, there seems to be a knowledge gap around the details of either self-driving or electric vehicles. Or both.



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