NAMPA – This Friday in courtrooms around the country, something very special will take place.

November 17th is National Adoption Day, and many families will stand before a judge to make the love they have for a child official through adoption.

I spent an evening recently with a mom and her son who know what that journey is like and they shared their story with me.

“I just thought it would be a good experience and so I thought – Why not? I have the ability,” said Michelle Murchie.

Three years ago, Michelle Murchie became a foster mom. Single and pursuing her career as a pharmacist, Michelle wanted to give back, but what she got in return was more than she bargained for.

“He was actually my very first foster placement,” she said.

Michael came into her life. A three-year-old boy with only the clothes on his back and a love of superheroes.

“One thing that we discovered – that I discovered along the way is that almost all superheroes are adopted, if you think about it. Superman, adopted. Spider-Man, adopted by his aunt. Flash is adopted by the cop who takes him in.”

Michelle never dreamed that would be her story too.

“No. I was not planning on adopting. I was just going to foster, help out, but they asked pretty soon in the process if I would be interested in adopting Michael and you know, I said yes, ’cause he’s pretty awesome.”

So I asked Michelle what she wants people to know most about this journey.

“I would love people to know that it’s not as hard… it’s not easy, necessarily, either. It is a commitment. But you can do it as a single parent. Anyone in Idaho can do it. You don’t need much. You don’t need much at all. You just need a bed to start. And they have such a need.”

A need that sometimes leads to an announcement like this one sent to family and friends.

“It says that Michael Murchie joins a long line of successfully adopted superheroes, including – but not limited to – Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the Flash.”

“I’m gonna be a superhero?” asked Michael.

“You come from pretty strong stock, there,” replied Michelle.

Michael and Michelle – National Adoption Day superheroes.

This Friday, I have the privilege of emceeing the Adoption Day celebration at the Canyon County Courthouse, where 20 families will finalize their adoptions – 16 of those from foster care.

Adoptions from foster care are not the norm, as every effort is made to reunite children with their birth families, but when that can’t happen, new families are created. I thank Michelle and Michael for telling us their story.

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