Memphis Couple, Top 10 Finalist For National Adoption Competition

A Memphis couple is on the verge of winning a first of its kind national competition and it could change their life in a way you might not expect. 


Fund the Nations, a company that helps non-profits and people through fundraising, wants to help a couple fund an entire adoption, during National Adoption Month. 


Houston and Kristin Preuett say they were blessed to adopt their 1- year- old son Levi last year.  They are hoping to be matched again this year. 


Their friends tagged them on social media about the adoption contest. 


If they win the most votes, they can receive up to $30,000 to fund their adoption. 


The Preuetts say their lives changed December 2016 when the adoption of Levi was finalized. 


“When we got married and we started the process of trying to have kids naturally, we weren’t able to conceive for a year,” Houston Preuett said. 


Nearly a year later and the couple is going through the same adoption process again. 


“Levi’s birth family has become an extended family to us and we’re just so thankful for the decision that Levi’s birth mom made,” Kristin Preuett said. 


However, this time they are hoping to get some financial help.  The couple submitted a video to Fund the Nations and was recently named as a top ten finalist for its adoption competition. 


“The hope is obviously as people are voting, they are not just voting but they are buying a t-shirt because that’s where the funding is coming from for the competition so obviously it’s not just a popularity contest it’s a fundraiser,” said Bubba Crowder, Director of Fund the Nations. 


Crowder says roughly $15,000 have been raised so far and all of the money raised will go to the family with the most votes. 50,000 people have voted so far. 


“Honestly I don’t think we every expected to be a top 10 finalist and have that opportunity and now that we do have that opportunity it’s crazy but even if we don’t even if we aren’t the winner of this contest we still plan on pursuing adoption,” Kristin Preuett explained. 


Viting ends Tuesday, November 21. You don’t necessarily have to buy a t-shirt to vote. If you’re interested click here. 

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