Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman considered adoption

Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman considered adoption
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Martin Kemp and his wife Shirlie Holliman have considered adopting a child.

The Spandau Ballet star – who has Roman, 24, and Harley, 28, with his wife – has revealed the pair have discussed adding to their family through adoption in the past.

He said: “It’s something we’ve spoke about. My brother’s got a very young family and he’s enjoying his three boys like no end. Absolutely, we’d talk about it.”

Speaking about the benefits of adoption for the children concerned, he added: “I think if you can give any kid a platform in its life. When you bring them into a happy house and a happy home, then you’re giving it a great start in life.”

Martin and Shirlie have been married for nearly three decades now and the 55-year-old singer says the secret to their success is being friends too.

He shared: “We’ve been married coming up to 30 years. To be honest, I don’t really see it as some kind of achievement or anything. It’s a natural process; we love each other more now than we ever did. I think Shirlie and I have been through some really hard times, some really difficult moments in our lives, and I think that bought us closer together. We just treat each other like best friends. I think along the way people think love is more important than being best friends but they go hand in hand.”

Martin and Shirlie have recently bought a new puppy to combat their “empty nest syndrome” feelings.

Discussing whether puppies or babies are harder work during an appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, he added: “I’ve had both [puppies and babies]. I’ve got a little puppy at the moment. She’s beautiful.

“But puppies are a good preparation if you’re thinking about having children because they kind of lead you on the same path. They need exactly the same kind of love that you give a baby. But are they harder work? No …

“The love you get back from a puppy is similar to the love you get back from a baby. Shirlie and I are going through that thing called empty nest syndrome. So when we’re watching TV now, I can lie with the puppy on my chest, stroking it.”

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