Marsh Foundation holds grand opening for new Foster Care and Adoption Center

Marsh Foundation holds grand opening for new Foster Care and Adoption Center
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VAN WERT – A large group of Marsh Foundation executives and employees
and city and county officials gathered at 102 N. Main St. in Van Wert
on Thursday for the ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony for the
new Foster Care and Adoption Center. The building has been renovated and
updated in order to house the new downtown facility.

“We have a
huge epidemic of children coming into care,” said Foster Care
Supervisor, Melissa Snyder. “We want to do all that we can to keep the
kids in the community that they come from.”

“There was a big push
to meet this need and the community answered,” continued Snyder. “This
is kind of a blessing and a curse. Business wise, this has been a
blessing but on the humanity side it is sad. This facility allows us to
attract new homes for training and therapeutic services at a more
central location.”

Snyder said there will be training available
for foster parents. There will also be a therapist on staff to help kids
when they come in.

“That therapist will go out into the homes or
see them here,” said Snyder. “Having the office on Main Street is more
visible. It is more of a contributing factor to serve more and more
families and youth.”

“A lot of kids come from a drug epidemic that
started in the southern counties and is pushing north,” continued
Snyder. “A majority of youth we are seeing now are 10 and under and
victims of parents and families full of drugs.”

Snyder said that foster care is available for two years and then the youth become available for adoption.

who do foster care and are unable to return home become available for
adoption. We can take care of all of it here now,” said Snyder.

Snyder said that three other employees work with her in the office and she is looking to hire a fourth.

continue to expand foster care families for when kids come in,” said
Snyder, who noted that the facility is about to begin training the 20th
foster care situation.

“We would like to thank the community that
the children in the area and have a safe and loving environment,”
continued Snyder. “There is such an outpouring of new homes. Without the
dedication of people in our community, none of this would happen. This
is a celebration of our coming together to help our children.”

Snyder said that it is a great feeling to see the number of dedicated and adoptive families growing.

are excited to move into this new office space,” Snyder said. “It will
allow us to continue to grow and give us a convenient, accessible
location to meet with prospective and current parents.”

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