Man’s mission is to save, train Nevada’s wild horses for adoption

LAS VEGAS – About three months ago, hundreds of wild horses who’d lived their entire lives on the open range were captured up in Cold Creek which is about 40 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

This, after the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service deemed the area dangerous for the animals.

One man has made it his mission to give the horses a new lease on life.

Every time a tail swishes, four hooves feed the soul.

“I don’t work for anybody but us, I work for the horses,” said Brian Smith, Funny Farm Mustangs. “I’m addicted to them.”

Smith turns his passion into purpose at Funny Farm Mustangs.

“When I’ve got horses in training, I’m focusing alright, I’m going to run them through the basic for adoption,” Smith said.

The horses come from the open range in Cold Creek.

They’re a few of hundreds the Bureau of Land Management captured back in May after Forest Service officials say a lack of food left them in danger of starving.

“They’re just not a horse, these are special horses no matter what, and that’s what I want people to know,” he said.

He’s training them for their new, loving homes, completely free of charge.

“For me it’s not about riding the horses, it’s about the up close and personal, it’s about the hands-on, the ground work to them,” he said.

Smith hopes to share his work with thousands of others still sitting in holding pens.

“It’s a situation, but it’s not a situation that’s so insurmountable that we can’t do nothing about it,” Smith said. 

And he says the solution starts with an effort from everyone to adopt.

In my heart, I believe Americans will step up and take these horses, I really do.

So, we can all work to preserve a crucial part of the past.

“I don’t ever want them to be a fading legacy,” Smith said. “I always want them to be the living legend of our country.”

And keep the key to this everlasting connection.

“You can have the worst of worst days, and you come outside and sit there, and you throw your arms around a horse, you can’t beat it man,” Smith said.

Funny Farm can only train the mustangs after someone has paid to adopt them. If you’d like more information on the adoption process, here are some links:

BLM adoption:
Funny Farm website:
Funny Farm Facebook Page:


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