Letters to the Editor: ‘Why cutting the adoption tax credit hurts children, families

On Nov. 2, Republicans unveiled a tax reform plan that eliminates the adoption tax credit. As an adoption attorney in North Carolina, I must weigh in on this debate.

Adopting a child can be costly. An Adoptive Families Magazine survey found that families spent an average of $34,093 on independent adoptions and $39,966 on agency adoptions. The adoption tax credit helps to defray these costs.

The credit, created 20 years ago, provides families with a lifetime maximum deduction of $13,570 for adoption related expenses. In my adoption practice, I see that the tax credit often determines whether families can afford adoption.

Many Members of Congress assert the proposal puts money back in Americans’ pockets. But, even with the increased standard deduction and child tax credit, some families will require years to save money equivalent to the adoption tax credit.

Organizations and individuals across the ideological spectrum support the adoption credit because caring for kids and creating healthy families helps our communities.

As Congress creates the tax reform bill, the adoption tax credit must be saved. Children in North Carolina are counting on us.

Shame on you, Hickory

Shame on all those who could not bother to get up off their couches and vote. Oh, was it raining? Couldn’t find your umbrella?

In fact, you are the vast majority of this city. Are you proud of your achievement?

I wonder how many of you just hate the idea of all those football players kneeling as they play our National Anthem. Why, they are just dishonoring our flag and our armed services, aren’t they?

Those poor service personnel, who put their lives on the line, to protect the freedoms we enjoy, to help keep us safe.

Please, if you didn’t vote, don’t complain. About anything.

‘Saving our culture and American values’

Progressives, Democrats and all of the open-borders crowd constantly claim that illegal aliens contribute positively to our economy by the taxes they pay. However, a new study by the Foundation for Immigration Reform exposes that myth.

They found that illegal aliens cost you the taxpayer $135 billion a year in education, medical and incarceration costs (it doesn’t even include welfare benefit costs). In fairness they do pay $19 billion in taxes, but that still leaves a net negative of $119 billion.

So when you hear or read a liberal claim that illegals are an economic plus for America, you know it’s just propaganda.

Besides the costs cited in the FIR study, there are other hidden cost that often can’t be quantified. For example, illegals take low wage jobs, depressing wages for all, especially American citizens who are desperately trying to get ahead.

What about the human costs illegal criminals inflict? Remember Kate Steinle? She was murdered by an illegal felon who was deported five times.

How about the carnage inflicted on society by the savage MS-13 gang? How do you quantify the misery they cause?

In many areas across America, illegals have been given the right to vote in local elections. Why should they be able to help shape how we Americans want to run our country?

Of course the not-so-dirty little secret is that the left is salivating to give all immigrants, legal and illegal, the right to vote in national elections. Why? They know that Democrats will get the majority of their votes, and they are correct because Democrats will provide to them lavish social benefits at hard working taxpayers’ expense.

I know that liberals reading this will call me a racist. They always revert to name calling and play the race card whenever anyone opposes open borders, or believes in building a wall to stop the flow of drugs and illegal aliens. That’s so tiring.

The truth is that we take in millions of legal immigrants, but we cannot take everyone in the world who wants to come. My stance on this issue has nothing to do with race. It’s about maintaining our sovereignty and security as a nation.

It’s about stopping $119 billion of American taxpayers’ hard-earned money from subsidizing non-U.S. citizens.

It’s about saving our culture and American values. Anti-American open-border advocates are determined to destroy all of that. 

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