IOTA (MIOTA) By Design Incentives Governments To Push For Its Adoption

IOTA (MIOTA) is at the center of a tech revolution that is driven by the rise of intelligent autonomous machines.  As Dominik Schiener the founder of IOTA recently put it, machines are not just automated, but they actually have the potential to pay each other. While this may sound scary at first, it will have huge benefits to society, and actually, incentives governments to push for its adoption. Here are 3 ways that IOTA incentives governments to facilitate its adoption.

  1. IOTA will play a role in making roads safer

IOTA is working with several mobility companies including Volkswagen, Audi, and several others, to develop autonomous vehicles.  These autonomous vehicles will be in a position to communicate with each other and avoid accidents caused by human error. Besides, smart cities are coming up, cities that make use of IOTA in facilitating IoT-based communication between autonomous vehicles. This use case will place IOTA (MIOTA) in a unique position for government-driven adoption, given that car accidents are a major concern in all countries across the world. As such, there is an incentive for governments to come up with policies that push for the adoption of autonomous vehicles, and drive up its usage going into the future.

  1. IOTA will enhance quality control in manufacturing

Fujitsu has already demonstrated that there is a massive use-case for IOTA in the auditing of manufacturing processes. This has the potential to cut on costs and enhance efficiency in manufacturing. As manufacturing becomes more efficient, the price that consumers have to pay will also decrease. Consumers also get to enjoy higher quality products due to the increased precision levels. The competitive edge that IOTA gives to manufacturers is an incentive for most of them to adopt it in their systems. Manufacturing is one of the key sectors that will drive up IOTA adoption, driven purely by consumer demand. Governments too, in the need to enhance consumer well-being have an incentive to drive up the adoption of IOTA in automated manufacturing.

  1. Development of clean energy

Climate change is a reality and its effects are now affecting people in different ways, especially in the form of extreme weather.  IOTA (MIOTA) will in the future play a huge role in the development of clean energy. As demonstrated by the electric charging stations that use IOTA (MIOTA) in automating the charging process. This could drastically help cut on the cost of developing and running the infrastructure for clean energy, and give a huge incentive for governments to develop policies that aid the adoption of IOTA (MIOTA).

In essence, the long-term demand for IOTA (MIOTA) will not just be driven by crypto enthusiasts, there is also a huge potential for governments to come up with policies that aid its adoption. The future is bright.


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