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LAS VEGAS, Sept. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Innovation Adoption Advisory Panel (‘IAAP”), a casino gaming industry working group sponsored by GameCo, Inc., Interblock, and Konami Gaming, Inc., today released a white paper – “Innovation Adoption for the Casino Gaming Floor” – aimed at furthering its goal of increasing the level of dialog around the industry-critical mission of (a) helping to introduce players to new forms of gaming entertainment, and, (b) helping to generate incremental gaming revenue to serve as a catalyst for the implementation of effective strategies for the adoption of new gaming technology solutions.  

The IAAP white paper can be downloaded here and the insights and initial recommendations provided serve as a foundation for an ongoing dialog. Casino operators, gaming equipment manufacturers, and other key gaming industry constituents are encouraged to contribute to this ongoing collaborative effort by providing comments on the white paper. 

Initial recommendations for best practices the casino industry should pursue to help facilitate continued adoption of innovative new gaming solutions across the casino footprint include:

  • New and innovative solutions have the best chance to succeed if they can drive both incremental revenue and cost savings while also being additive to the player’s overall entertainment experience.
  • Casino operators and gaming equipment suppliers should work together to define new evaluation metrics that can help provide more understanding on the benefit a new innovation brings to the total future value of a customer.
  • Casino operators and gaming equipment suppliers need to work collaboratively in regards to the pricing, marketing, placement, and product updates to give a new product a chance to catch the attention of players.
  • Younger generations of casino guests are already enjoying non-gaming amenities at casinos and incremental revenue can be generated if these audiences can be engaged with gaming offerings.
  • Development of products for the casino of the future need to consider not only the increasing comfort all consumers have with technology-aided entertainment, but also younger generations’ demand and expectation for new forms of technology-enabled entertainment.

The complete white paper is available for download at www.casinoiaap.com.

Collectively, the lead sponsors of the IAAP commented on the release of the group’s initial white paper. “This initial white paper is an important development in furthering our goal of amplifying the level of dialog and understanding of how casino operations can benefit from product innovation that offers players unique, new gaming entertainment experiences. We greatly appreciate the level of thoughtfulness and passion IAAP panelists brought to this project as their insights and suggestions have helped to establish an initial road map on how to achieve objectives that are critical to the continued success of the gaming industry. As we begin to look toward the next phase of the IAAP that will delve deeper into topics discussed in the white paper, we look forward to a broad range of input on the initial white paper, as a collaborative effort will allow the industry to increase to rate of innovation adoption and unlock the enormous potential value of new technology-enabled gaming entertainment solutions.”

The IAAP’s initial white paper is based on insights provided by experienced, senior-level gaming industry executives to questions that covered nine topics of importance to the casino industry. The topics considered included disciplines that impact the casino gaming industry including: floor optimization, player marketing, game development, demographic-based guest engagement, and casino gaming floor utilization and analysis. A review and analysis of these insights, including consensus opinion from the panel members and other key insights formed the basis of a perception study that comprises the majority of the white paper. Comments and feedback on the white paper are welcome and can be made at the above noted website.

About the Innovation Adoption Advisory Panel:
The Innovation Adoption Advisory Panel (IAAP) was formed as a collective effort to support continued innovation in casino gaming product development and commercialization.  The IAAP’s focus is on helping to spur ongoing dialog regarding best practices for continued adoption of innovative new gaming solutions across the casino footprint. GameCo, Inc., Interblock, and Konami Gaming, Inc. are the lead sponsors of the IAAP.

About GameCo, Inc.:
GameCo, Inc. is a pioneering company uniting the experience of playing video games with the excitement of gambling by creating the world’s first video game gambling machines (VGM™).  GameCo’s VGM is the first platform to bring video game play to the casino floor engaging a new generation of casino customers. The first video game skill-based gaming platform approved by any regulator in the United States, GameCo’s patented VGM proprietary arcade-style cabinets allow a player’s skill to determine the payout and winnings while maintaining the same casino-based economics as slot machines. GameCo is developing VGM games under license from major game developers and entertainment IP companies. GameCo is privately held and headquartered in New York City with additional offices in Las Vegas. For the latest GameCo news, please visit gameco.com or follow the company on Twitter at twitter.com/GameCoInc.

About Interblock:
Interblock® is a worldwide leading developer and supplier of luxury electronic table gaming products. Its multi-player gaming devices set industry standards and provide the ultimate in luxury interactive entertainment experiences. The Interblock brand is globally recognized for diamond quality gaming solutions and technical support in more than 200 jurisdictions. Interblock’s exclusive collection of fully and semi-automated electronic gaming tables and video gaming solutions provide casinos, arcades and gambling halls with superior product performance and their guests with an unforgettable gaming experience. For more information, visit www.interblockgaming.com or call +1 (702) 260-1384.

About Konami Gaming, Inc.:
Konami Gaming, Inc. is a Las Vegas-based subsidiary of KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION (TSE: 9766). The company is a leading designer and manufacturer of slot machines and casino management systems for the global gaming market. For more information about Konami Gaming, Inc. or the SYNKROS® gaming enterprise management system, please visit www.konamigaming.com.


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