Hotel opens ‘adoption service’ for abandoned pool inflatables

Hotel opens ‘adoption service’ for abandoned pool inflatables
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These incredible pictures show the staggering number of inflatables abandoned by holidaymakers at a hotel in Majorca.

The blow-ups, bought during the height of the season, are discarded by families who cannot squeeze them into suitcases for the return flight home.

Nobody wants to take home their floaties, apparently.SWNS

Hotels.com has opened the sanctuary for all the swans, alligators and lilos to allow guests to “adopt” the forgotten inflatables and provide them with a new home.

Isabelle Pinson, from Hotels.com, said: “A pool inflatable shouldn’t just be for summer which is why we’re launching an adoption programme for these lost and rejected flotation devices.”

The accommodation experts polled 2,000 holidaymakers and found almost half have purchased an inflatable for a getaway but just 28 percent take the blow-ups home at the end of a trip.

This is despite an average of six hours and 52 minutes spent playing with an inflatable during a typical summer break.


On average, holidaymakers purchase around one inflatable every year, with doughnut-shaped blow-ups the most popular.

The traditional “classic lilo” is the second most popular, while crocodile-shaped ones are the third.

However, a dragon-shaped blow-up is the one holidaymakers would most like to see in the future.

Among the things most commonly left behind or lost during a holiday, inflatables came second only to suntan lotion.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll, found sunglasses, travel adapters and underwear are also among belongings commonly left behind following a getaway.


Isabelle Pinson, from Hotels.com added: “We’ve teamed up with the Hipotels Gran Playa de Palma to set up an inflatable sanctuary, where guests can adopt and re-use left behind inflatables, giving them a new lease of life.”

Holidaymakers staying in the hotel over the next three months will have the chance to make use of the “adoption service.”

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