Holiday Family Adoption Program focuses on gift of Christmas

The Holiday Family Adoption Program, a Spencer-area holiday staple, allows generous area families, businesses and service groups to share the holiday spirit and bounty. Thanks to the generosity of area families and businesses, approximately 80 area families will be gifted with items to help make this Christmas season a little bit brighter.

Lists of families available for “adoption” will be published in the Daily Reporter. These families are gathered through Upper Des Moines Opportunity, and the program is completely anonymous.

To “adopt,” simply call the Daily Reporter at 262-6610, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and let us know what family you would like to adopt. It’s a good idea to have several possibilities, as families may already have been selected. Then the fun begins! You shop for items on the list, wrap, and label with the family number and member, for example, “Family 34, son, 10 years old.” It is not necessary to purchase everything on the lists. New or very gently used items are accepted.

Additional families will be added to the list until approximately 80 families are adopted, so if you don’t see a family you wish to adopt, you can wait for more to be added.

There will be two drop-off opportunities, Saturday, Dec. 9, and Saturday, Dec. 16, from 8:30 a.m. until noon. The drop location will be The Depot on the Clay County Fairgrounds. All of those who adopted a family must drop off their gifts on one of these two dates. Placing the multiple gifts in a larger box helps to facilitate the delivery.

On Sunday, Dec. 17, the Spencer Volunteer Firemen, volunteers and area UPS employees will deliver the gifts to families.


Male, age 13. 30/30 jeans, mens M shirts/hoodies, size 12 socks, size 12 shoes, Dragon Ball Z stuff/books, anime stuff, skate boarding stuff, twin bedding.

Male, age 9. Size 12 jeans, shirts, hoodies, size 5 shoes, Pokemon stuff, twin bedding, scooter, Zelda stuff, games, Legos, Minecraft toys.

Female, age 4mns. 6/9mn. clothes, dresses, size 2 or 3 diapers/wipes, Baby Magic, crib bedding, pink or girly headbands.

Male, age 38. 42/32 jeans, 3XL shirts/hoodies, coat, size 12 shoes, art supplies, tools/toolbox.

Female, age 34. 4-5XL mens shirts, 3XL sweatpants/ black stretch pants, dishes, Pizza Pizzaz, scrap booking stuff, wall dcor.


Male, age 14. 14-16 jeans, shirts, coat, pjs, Pokemon, RC cars, Hawkeyes.

Male, age 11. 14 jeans, shirts, coat, pjs, Pokemon, RC cars, Hawkeyes.

Female, age 9. 8/10 jeans, coat, pjs, girly stuff, earrings, necklaces.

All kids: coloring, painting, stuffed animals, blankets, twin size bedding, bikes.

Male, age 33. 4X zip up sweatshirts, coffee pot.

Female, age 36. Household supplies, candles, body wash, full size bedding.


Female, age 39: 26/28 elastic waist pants, 4X shirts, lotions, perfume.

Male, age 43. XL shirts, pj pants, 36×32 jeans, flashlight.

Male, age 16. XXL shirts, L pants, 36×32 jeans, cologne, body wash, size 14 shoes.

Male, age 14. 4XL shirts, pj pants, XXL elastic pants, body wash.

Female, age 12. XXL 18/20 shirts, 16/18 high waisted skinny jeans, XXL elastic waist pants, XXL sweatshirts black or red, makeup, lotion, coloring items, sketch books.


Male, age 16. 32×32 jeans, XL pj pants, sweatshirts, 3DS with Pokemon, ultra moon body wash Adidas, cologne, likes rock music, Vikings.

Male, age 14. L pj pants, sweatshirts, 9-10 slippers, 3DS XL with Pokemon, ultra moon cologne, Vikings.

Female, adult. XXL pj pants, size 9 slippers and boots, cooking utensils, large crockpot, bake ware, silverware, glasses set, towels, washcloths, kitchen towels.


Female, age 16. Size 14 clothes, anything music, hair accessories, bath gel.

Female, age 15. Size 8 clothes, pjs, art related items, crafts, hair accessories.

Female, age 13. Size 14 pjs, robe, hoodies, books.

Female, age 10. Size 8 pjs, shirts, Barbies, arts and crafts.

Male, age 4. Size 5T clothes, pjs, Pirates related, books, colors.

Female, age 2. Size 2T pjs, clothes, loves Minnie Mouse, learning toys.

Male, age 38. Body wash, tools.

Female, age 36. Craft supplies, blankets.


Female, adult. Size L/16 petite shirts, jeans, body wash, towels.

Male, age 16. 2XL shirts, pjs, 44×32 jeans, body wash.

Female, age 11. Size 12/14 shirts, jeans, craft items.

Male, age 7. Size M 10/12 shirts, jeans, Avengers toys.

Male, age 6. Size M 10/12 shirts, jeans, Spiderman toys.


Male, age 14. XL hoodie, 34×36 jeans, Dallas Cowboys hat.

Female, age 13. L hoodies, hair items, makeup (purples, pinks), necklaces, bracelets.

Female, age 11. Womens L shirts, size 7 pants, anything with unicorns, pillow, bracelets, hoodies.

Female, age 9. Size 14-16 pants, fluffy pink soft socks, Barbie doll/clothes, little kid makeup, jewelry kits.

Male, age 6. Size 8-10 pants and shirts, Spongebob, Lego superheros, Nerf gun, helicopters, trucks, cars.

Female, age 23. Hair bows, many makeup, light flowery perfume.

Female, age 48. Electric blanket, kitchen wash cloths/towels, oven mitts, light floral perfume, size 9 slippers.


Male, age 4. Size 5 T-shirts, pants, monster trucks, Matchbox cars, coloring books/colors, Transformers, Ninja Turtles.

Male, age 9. Minecraft science/experimenting kits, math books, Lego Ninjago, fantasy/mystery books.

Male, age 11. Size 12 husky pants, XL shirts, Lego Ninjago, model cars, monkey stuff, building stuff and kits.

Female, age 14. Jrs. Size 3 jeans, S/M tops, Ninja Turtles, fluffy blanket, earrings, cheap fashion jewelry, adult color books/colored pencils.

Male, age 17. Boys size 16 jeans, Mens M sleeveless shirts, car emergency kit, car cleaning supplies, panda stuff, fluffy blanket, ear buds.

Female, age 34. Size 5 jeans, dish soap, laundry soap, paper towels, family board games.

Male, age 37. 36×30 jeans, XL zip up hooded sweatshirts, stocking caps.


Male, age 16. 32×34 jeans, XL hoodies, stocking caps, pjs.

Female, age 14. Size 12 pants, XL hoodies, pjs, body wash, lotion.

Male, age 8. 10-12 pants, L tops, Transformers/action figures.

Female, age 4mns. 6-9mn clothes, baby toys.

Female, age 34. Size 20 pants, XXL pjs, tops, mixing bowls, organizing stuff.

Male, age 34. 34×36 jeans, XL hoodies, anything mechanic/tools.


Female, age 66. XL robe, pjs, size 9 snow boots, body wash, mens XL Hawkeye hoodie, nice ankle length socks, Garth Brooks CD.

Female, age 40. XL Hawkeye stuff, size 12 jeans, earrings, size 8 socks, hat, gloves.

Female, age 17. XL Hawkeye stuff, size 14 jeans, ear buds, head bands, Sam Hunt CD.

Male, age 13. Mens M/L, Legos, trains, ear buds, hat, gloves, 32×30 jeans, Nerf guns, remote control cars, Hot Wheels.


Female, age 17. L leggings and tops, arts, paint canvas, paints, paint brushes.

Male, age 15. L shirts, 32×32 jeans, Mario T-shirts, loves growing plants and vegetables.

Female, age 43. S clothes, household items, towels, wash cloths, kitchen items, silverware, dishes, cups, queen bedding.


Male, age 5. 5/6T clothes, Avengers, Hulk.

Female, age 2. 18-24mn. Clothes, baby dolls, Strawberry Shortcake

Female, age 22. L clothes, art supplies, crafts, mason jars.

Male, age 23. XXL tops, 38×32 jeans, headbands (bi-racial hair), likes dragons, all anime and manga.


Male, age 6. 4T-5T hoodies, jeans, comfy pants, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, Ninja Turtles, trucks, cars, blankets, DVDs, Spongebob, books, animals.

Male, age 3. 3T-4T hoodies, jeans, sweats, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, Ninja Turtles, Spongebob, trucks, cars, DVDs, books, blankets.

Male, age 1. 18mn-2T clothes, cars, size 6 diapers, wipes, sippee cups, blankets.

Female, age 26. L hoodies, blankets, wallet, pots, pans, dishware, towels.


Female, age 16. XL hoodies, nail polish, body wash.

Male, age 15. XL hoodies, sketch book, drawing items.

Female, age 41. 2XL sweatshirts, kitchen items.


Female, age 9mns. 9-12mn. clothes, baby items, size 3 diapers.

Female, age 5. 6/7 clothes, Barbies, dolls, books, coloring books, colors.

Male, age 9. Size 10 clothes, Nerf guns, books, superheroes.

Male, age 13. Size 12 clothes, Nerf guns, hoodies, pjs.

Male, age 14. XL pj pants, clothes, 30×32 jeans, cologne, ear buds, body wash

Male, age 18. L hoodies, 30×34 jeans, cologne, ear buds, body wash.

Male, age 37. 2XL clothes, 36×32 jeans, cologne, XL gloves, stocking hat.

Female, age 28. 2XL clothes, 18 pants, perfume, kitchen items, lotion. Body wash.


Male, age 10. Boys M tops, 10/12-12/14 jeans, Hawkeyes, board games, baseball, Packers football stuff.

Male, age 44. 38×32, 40×32 jeans, frying pan, flashlight, body wash.

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