Hands-On Parenting, Written by Bestselling Author Robert Toporek, Offers a Practical Guide to Massage for Happier …

AUDUBON, Pa., Dec. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — According to Robert Toporek, the power and importance of touch in human growth development cannot be overstated. Neuroscience is now verifying that from conception through about age 6 human brain growth is at its peak. Science has also shown that human touch is an essential part of our cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

Toporek’s new book, Hands-on Parenting, provides an easy to follow, step-by-step approach to massage for babies and children of all ages.  A partial list of the benefits of massage for babies and young children includes: improvement in motor skill development, circulation, breathing, agitation, gas pain, constipation, social development, poise, bodily growth, and most importantly, increased bonding between parent and child.

In addition to imparting profound lessons, the book explains that massage—along with its vast emotional and physical benefits—is fun for both massage givers and recipients. “When you see your baby laughing and gurgling during and after his massage, you’ll understand this,” Toporek says.

Of course, Toporek points out other reasons to begin massaging your baby or child today—no matter what their age. “Massage is one of the most important and crucial developmental tools you can use as a parent. It will help your child grow—in mind and body—more rapidly and significantly than if he were raised without the joy of massage. It will help prevent many of the physical and emotional tensions that many people accept as ‘normal,’ and most importantly, will keep your family in touch—literally,” Toporek says.

Toporek explains how massage is your child’s best defense against the damages that can be caused by tension, stress, and life’s traumas. It is up to you to counteract tension right from the start by providing your child with the tools to effectively and positively deal with the stressors of life. In addition, you will be giving them positive messages about their worth and well-being while fostering a healthy relationship.

Each chapter in the book ends with simple, commonsense, but not commonly practiced, methods a parent can do to nurture their child’s neurological, cognitive, and social development.

Hands on Parenting is must-reading for every parent, grandparent or anyone working with babies and children.

About Robert Toporek
Hands on Parenting is based on Robert Toporek’s experience of working with babies, children, and their families since 1966. That experience began when he started working with children in a refugee village in Vietnam. In 1975, he received training as a Rolf practitioner from Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the creator of Rolfing, and her son, Dick Demmerle. Toporek has worked with kids and their parents from the top of mountains to low-income, inner-city neighborhoods.

For more information, contact Robert Toporek, 484-744-1868;
186892@email4pr.com; www.teamchildren.org

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