Genesee Co. celebrates Michigan Adoption Day

FLINT (WJRT) – (11/21/2017) – With Noah’s encouragement, Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Jennie Barkey made Kym Roldan his legal mom.

Kym and Melinda Roldan have been together for six years. The two sat in the same seats about five years ago, but because same sex marriage wasn’t legal then, only Melinda was allowed to legally become Noah’s mother.

“If anything ever happened to Noah, she couldn’t go in the waiting room or she couldn’t go in the surgery,” Melinda said. “She couldn’t make any medical decisions, she couldn’t make any decisions for school, anything like that. She had no rights over him. If anything were to happen to me, he’d go back into the system, unfortunately.”

Melinda said Tuesday’s ceremony guarantees that will never happen.

“It means a lot. I’m very excited,” Kym said through tears.

Now, they’re both legally Noah’s parents.

“Very happy and excited, like yay! Like, it finally happened,” Noah said.

District Court Judge Mark Latchana and his daughter, Eva, shared their story of adoption at the ceremony Tuesday, too. They’re hoping to encourage more people to take advantage of the opportunity.

“My life would be a lot different. First of all, I would not have as many experiences because we’ve gone to many places like Paris, Hawaii, so probably would’ve never gotten to go there, probably would’ve never met my really good friends or family,” 12-year-old Eva said.

“Not that there weren’t ups and down in the adoption process; but, you know, the end result is I have a daughter who’s turning 13 in January,” Latchana added.

Michigan Adoption Day is held every year on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

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