GE and NVIDIA Join Forces to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Adoption in Healthcare

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) and NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) today announced they
will deepen their 10-year partnership to bring the most sophisticated
artificial intelligence (AI) to GE Healthcare’s 500,000 imaging devices
globally and accelerate the speed at which healthcare data can be

The scope of the partnership, detailed today at the 103rd
annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA),
includes the announcement of the new NVIDIA-powered Revolution Frontier
CT, advancements to the Vivid E95 4D Ultrasound and development of GE
Healthcare’s Applied Intelligence analytics platform.

The new CT system in the Revolution Family is two times faster in
imaging processing than its predecessor, due to its use of NVIDIA’s AI
computing platform. The Revolution Frontier is FDA cleared and expected
to deliver better clinical outcomes in liver lesion detection and kidney
lesion characterization because of its speed – potentially reducing the
need for unnecessary follow-ups, benefitting patients with compromised
renal function and reducing non-interpretable scans with Gemstone
Spectral Imaging Metal Artefact Reduction (GSI MAR).

“Our partnership with GE Healthcare brings together great expertise in
medical instruments and AI to create a new generation of intelligent
instruments that can dramatically improve patient care,” said Jensen
Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA

NVIDIA, which has helped pioneer the spread of AI across a growing range
of fields, including self-driving cars, robotics and video analytics, is
working with GE Healthcare to spread its application in healthcare.
GPU-accelerated deep learning solutions can be used to design more
sophisticated neural networks for healthcare and medical
applications—from real-time medical condition assessment to
point-of-care interventions to predictive analytics for clinical
decision-making. For patients, the partnership aims to drive lower
radiation doses, faster exam times and higher quality medical imaging.

GE Healthcare and NVIDIA also announced the following at RSNA today:

  • NVIDIA Platform Powers 4D Ultrasound Visualization: The Vivid
    E95 4D Ultrasound System, on display at RSNA, uses NVIDIA GPUs to
    provide fast, accurate visualization and quantification while
    streamlining workflows across the cSound™ imaging platform. NVIDIA
    GPUs accelerate reconstruction and visualization of blood flow and
    improve 2D and 4D imaging for Echo Lab and Interventional deployments.
  • New GE Healthcare Applied Intelligence Powered by NVIDIA
    Modules of the new analytics platform will use NVIDIA
    GPUs, the NVIDIA ® CUDA ® parallel computing
    platform and the NVIDIA GPU Cloud container registry to accelerate the
    creation, deployment and consumption of deep learning algorithms in
    new healthcare analytic applications that will be seamlessly
    integrated into clinical and operational workflows and equipment.

“Healthcare is changing at remarkable speed, and the technologies that
will transform the industry should reflect that pace,” said Kieran
Murphy, President and CEO of GE Healthcare
. “By partnering with
NVIDIA, GE Healthcare will be able to deliver devices of the future –
intelligent machines capable of empowering providers to improve the
speed and accuracy of diagnoses for patients around the world.”

The average hospital generates 50 petabytes of data annually, through
medical images, clinical charts and sensors, as well as operational and
financial sources. Yet, less than 3 percent of that data is actionable,
tagged or analyzed. GE Healthcare and NVIDIA will harness more of this
data by combining powerful applications built with lighthouse customers,
best-in-class medical devices and the fast processing speeds of GPUs –
all to make AI a reality in healthcare.

The full GE Healthcare RSNA 2017 press kit can be found here.

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