Free-range parenting: How can you keep your kids safe?

Free-range parenting: How can you keep your kids safe?
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So how can you keep your child safe if you choose to follow this style? Officer Kylee Nichols at the Irondequoit Police Department says if your child is left alone it’s important they know what to do in case of emergency.

“If a stranger or someone that they don’t know does come up to them approaches them and starts asking questions about personal information or tells them to come with them, does that child know not to go with that stranger? Does that child know to say no and find a trusted adult to get help?” Officer Nichols said.

Nichols encourages parents to educate children on what to do as early as they are able to understand.

“Whether you practice the free-range parenting style or otherwise you’re responsible for having those conversations with your child anyway,” Officer Nichols said.

This bill is still in the drafting commission stage and has not officially been picked up by the Senate or Assembly.

Earlier this year, Utah became the first state to pass a law to make free-range parenting legal.

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